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Quickstart for new Wiki editors

To edit a page

To change something on a page, just click the "edit" button at the top of the page and it will turn into a textbox containing that page. The basics of the markup can be learned just by clicking the buttons at the top of the editing box. They provide the necessary symbols to use boldface, italics, internal and external links, headlines, embedded images, media file links, mathematical formulas, typing text that won't convert to wiki formatting, your signature with timestamp, and horizontal lines.

To create a new page

The easiest way to create a new page is to enter the name of the new page in the Go box on the left hand side of your screen. If the page doesn't exist, you'll be diverted to the Search page, which will have a link to the page (this exact title, a red link.), which you can then click to edit.

Alternatively, look around the wiki for a place where you can insert the link into an existing page, and insert it using the following code:

[[Insert Link Here]]

Naturally, replace "Insert Link Here" with the title of your new page.

If you're attempting to create your user page, remember that if you're logged in, there's always a link at the very top of your page that you can click to create your user page.

For more information on links, look here: Help:Links.

Posting in talk pages

All pages on the wiki have "talk", or "discussion" pages associated with them. These pages are to be used to discuss the content of the page they're about. When posting in talk pages remember to sign all your posts (as this is not a forum, and it's not done for you automatically). In order to sign your post, use ~~~~. As in

Hello, world! --~~~~

These can be inserted automatically by clicking the signature button (Sign.png) on the editor toolbar. The four tildes will be automatically replaced with your username and a time stamp.

Detailed help

Editing Help
Basic Editing

Advanced Editing

Advanced Timesavers

Page Tricks

Communicating your Edits


Policies and Guidelines

Policy Documents

If the information you're seeking does not exist here, please go to the wikimedia help page instead.

You can also get in touch with any members of Project Welcome, who have volunteered to ask questions and give advice to new users.