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Zombie Tactics
The information on this page or section discusses a zombie strategy.
Survivor Tactics
The information on this page or section discusses a survivor strategy.

A group of players that conducts organized strikes against their enemies, usually staying on the move and scavenging supplies wherever possible. Both survivors and zombies use strike teams.

A strike team's effectiveness lies in the fact that an organised group can inflict large amounts of damage at the same time, rather than attacking separately and allowing the opposition to regroup and push back in between single character attacks. A zombie strike team need only break down a barricade once to get inside, whereas the same zombies attacking independently might have to each break down the barricades re-erected after the last break-in. Getting large numbers of zombies inside a safehouse also means that the occupants must fight harder and expend more AP before the building is secure again.

Survivors use the weight of numbers to negate the vulnerability of themselves to death. If a lone survivor is killed, they can no longer fight the zombies effectively. In a large group, the loss of a few survivor attackers will not affect the group as a whole, and active zombies can be swiftly taken down using force of numbers. A large attack can severely damage a zombie horde, as large numbers will have to spend the 5AP extra having been headshot. Survivor strike teams are best used to clear ransacked safehouses and resource points, as they can remove all the zombies at once, giving the zombies no time to stand up and re-enter the building.

Notable instances of strike teams include The Battle of Blackmore, where the RRF used small and large strike teams to try and regain the building. The NMC also used a strike team, attacking the zombies outside in a large co-ordinated raid at server reset. Eventually, zombie horde Shacknews broke the building using all of it's 200 members in one strike force. The same tactics were used on Ackland Mall and on Caiger Mall and the surrounding area.