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New Malton Colossus
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Abbreviation: NMC
Group Numbers: whoever comes to the fight with us! (over 100).
Leadership: The Ghost of Ron Burgundy, Sexualharrison, Bad Attitude Barbie (Babs), Knut Staake, and others. All leaders and groups are transient.
Goals: This coalition is a gathering of survivor groups who actively attack zombie strongholds. Our intentions begin and end at doing just that.
Recruitment Policy: To join this coalition, simply list your group on this wiki page and join us wherever we might be. Individuals are also welcome to work with us, but may want to join one of the groups here for more coordination. Of course, each group has its own recruitment policy.
Contact: The group forum can be found here:

In the Beginning

"....he doth bestride the narrow world
Like a Colossus, and we petty men
Walk under his huge legs and peep about
To find ourselves dishonorable graves."
-Shakespeare, Julius Caesar (I,ii,136–38)

The New Malton Colossus was formed in the wake of the Battle of the Bear Pit in Ackland Mall. During the battle, several groups began working closely in a sort of loose, informal coalition which stuck together following the survivor victory. The Colossus, however, is not based in the Ackland Mall area and does not claim Havercroft as its own. Rather, all groups represented here are strictly nomadic, offensive survivor groups and do not wait for the zombies to come to them. Following the Battle of the Bear Pit, we moved into Barrville and, to a lesser degree, Nichols Mall as one. Listing our various allies left and right and remaining an "unnamed survivor horde" grew tiresome and, therefore, we formalized things for the first time in our existence by writing this wiki page.

Our Philosophy

"We are a sect of style, a department of dashing, a collection of cool..." Padre Romero

The New Malton Colossus has no overall plan, no territory, and no formal rules regarding who is and is not a member. This page, as well as our tentative name, are the only concrete formalities in our possession.

We do, however, have one guiding principal alluded to above: playing on the offence for survivors. The most powerful groups in the game, it seems, stake out territory and stick to it, defending when zombies wander in and waiting when they don't. For such groups, stepping outside of a besieged mall to fire a few shots off is as close to an attack as they ever intend to come. This strategy, of course, is time-tested and based on game mechanics. We in the Colossus, however, reject your reality and substitute our own.

It bears repeating, therefore, that we claim no territory and act instead by making our way to the most dangerous suburbs and leaving as soon as there are not enough zombies to sustain us. Preferably, locals who are unaffiliated with us move in to fill the power vacuum, but this is by no means prerequisite and we will move on, lest the blood on our axes dry and the gods go unappeased for only a few hours.

Some may not believe like This. However, in many battles we have shown how effective we can be. We have traveled the city and fought in nearly every suburb over the years. Blackmore, Cagier, Giddings, Stanbury Village, Yagoton, Shearbank, and countless other places have all seen glorious battle by our hands. Not to blow our own trumpet though, that would just be immodest and illegal in 9 countries and Ohio.

If you're a single survivor or a huge zombie-crushing crusade we welcome all people to join the NMC or a group within it. We don't give out orders to the members just ask them to fight in the most dangerous places with the rest of us.

Our theme song- Pompeii

Member Groups


Number of Survivors involved: Over 100!



Old Battles

"Semper in excremento sum, solum profunditas variat!"
""Always in the shit- only the depth changes!"
-Redwave of the Malton Rangers


Marven Mall

Ackland Mall

Barrville: The following were involved in an invasion of Barrville, following the Battle of the Bear Pit. Our actions in Barrville ended when we jumped the fence into Ridleybank.

Ridleybank: The following were involved in an invasion of Ridleybank, following the above invasion of Barrville. Operations here were called short, unfortunately, when it became all too apparent that things weren't looking good for our friends in Ackland Mall. We went back to help them, but it was too late and we sustained entirely too many losses to continue in Ridleybank.

Nichols Mall: The following were involved in the liberation of Nichols Mall in Stanbury Village. The mall was recaptured and besieged by a good 80 zombies for a few weeks. The siege ended when the RRF diverted its forces from Nichols to help fight against us in Barrville. As a result, most of Stanbury Village went into survivor hands.

Caiger Mall The following were involved in re-taking Caiger Mall from the clutches of the evil CRF, as well as a lot more zombies. We fought alongside some new allies in this battle, namely the U.S. ARMY INFANTRY, CMS and DHPD.

Yagoton The Yagoton Revivification Clinic and the Channel 4 News Team teamed up to bring glorious battle to the zombies invading Yagoton. Then the rest of the New Malton Colossus is joined in on the fun, and we showed Malton just how good we look. Here's a hint: we looked damn good.

Scarletwood At the same time as the Yagoton partying, Malton's Angels went home to their besieged suburb, leaving this message: The fate of the Malton's Angels seems inexorably bound up in Scarletwood, and we call upon The other members of the colossus to join us in repairing this once beautiful suburb, now swarming with undead.


Redwave - Led the Aardwolf Rangers until the group broke up in 2008. Traveled with the Malton Rangers (currently MIA.)

Bad Attitude Barbie (AKA Babs) - Leader of Skynet Defense Network.

Knut Staake- Leader of the Cleansing Fire of St. Charles of the Knights Templar.

Ron Burgundy - Malton's Classiest Newsman and head of the Channel 4 News Team. Co-Founder of the original C4NT/Rangers joint forum that grew into the NMC forums used today. His hair is perfect. Retired and sent onwards to Valhalla.

Dickhole The Great - Retired leader of the Malton Rangers, increased Ranger membership from 17 to 60 in two short months. By odin he's beautiful.

Ian - Retired leader of the Malton Rangers and caretaker leader of the NMC, generally considered as not too bright.

Vito the Don - Leader of the CC's C-Company he was a founding member, A don of the MCS he has ways of making problems "dissapear".

Major Grippy - Head of the Malton Rangers and other co-founder of the original C4NT/Rangers forum. Was killed five times in one day during the 2nd Battle of the Bear Pit. Retired in a shocking move.

Donsic - Part founder and a Council member of The Rebellion. The first to support Mr. Tony Blair's idea on the AoG forum. That was when back he was cool, now he's just another dirty spammer. Retired

Colonel Hannibal Smith - Leader of The A-Team and advisor for the NMC. Retired

Padre Romero - This eminently quotable Jesuit (figure)heads the Malton's Angels and is the mastermind behind such key operations as the Extravaganza. Retired.

Lachryma - The Czarina of Ghetto Cow and one very bossy lady. Retired

Lord Wulfgar - Famously vanished former leader of the Malton Rangers. No one knows what happened to him, but he has been gone for some time.

Other Groups

Survivor groups who've staked a territory and wish to coordinate with the mobile groups represented here are more than welcomed to use our forum and list themselves here, as they see fit. We intend to work as best we can with all of our less mobile friends and have been doing so with some of them for a while. These people don't follow us from one fight to another, but as long as we're in the same area, things are good.

Other Groups Seen in Barrville These groups have been seen in hell with the rest of us even though they are not currently members of the NMC. They may or may not be here officially but they still deserve props.

Other Groups in Stanbury Village These groups held Nichols Mall during the siege and working hard to get the suburb up and running. They may or may not be here officially but they deserve much of the credit.


You heard right, fellow Maltonians. The New Malton Colossus has taken the next step towards world domination by creating a wiki template. Unleash it upon our foes and friends at every opportunity, so that everyone may realize just how good we look.

To invoke the template's arcane and mysterious powers, just type {{Colossus}}:

Rhodes2.JPG A Colossus Of Class
This user or group is part of the New Malton Colossus.
Bringing Glorious Battle to you since 2006.