Swearse Lane Police Department

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Swearse Lane Police Department
--VVV RPMBG 01:12, 19 May 2024 (UTC)
Swearse Lane Police Department

Dakerstown [2,6]

Buckinham Lane a warehouse St. Bartholomew's Hospital
the Gristwood Hotel Swearse Lane Police Department a factory
a junkyard Lomas Boulevard Fire Station Woodborne Crescent

Basic Info:

  • Police Stations can be barricaded normally.
Malton Police Department

Swearse Lane Police Department is located in center of the suburb of Dakerstown, in Malton's NW corner. It lies between Lomas Boulevard Fire Station and St. Bartholomew's Hospital, and is thus a keystone in this resource area


AquaBarricade.jpg Barricading policy

Swearse Lane Police Department is to be kept Extremely Heavily Barricaded at all times.
If you're looking for an entry point and don't want to waste any AP, take a look at the Dakerstown Barricade Plan.
If you're looking for nearby Revive Points, take a look at the list.
Note:This advice is according to the local barricading plan, and may vary from the UBP or locally developped plans.
For more info on barricade plans, click here or take a look at this location's suburb page.


Pre-Malton Outbreak

Anonymous light bulb.png Story missing
Johnny and Charles fixed this location, but just didn't find a decent story for it. Feel free to add one now!

Post-Malton Outbreak

18th of April, 2007: Survivors holding out against sporadic zombie attacks involving some Extinction members. -- --Holtzfeller 22:51, 18 April 2010 (BST)

4th of October 07: One of The Crimson Clan's members came back to this building and it's now claimed as safe. --Waak 16:58, 4 October 2007 (BST)

27th of May 07: A few zeds are gathering around Swearse and the neighbouring hospital, Bartho. There are about 20 survivors inside Swearse, 8 of these are Clan members. The surrounding area is perfect for getting XP, without risking your own life by staying in a resource building. 315 SgtMaj Eikehaug 13:52, 27 May 2007 (BST)

16th of May 07: Swearse Lane PD was ransacked with zombie inside, but is now occupied by the Crimson Clan and Defenders of Live.

Nearby buildings were under attack, but they are now zombie-free zone. --Waak 17:11, 16 May 2007 (FIN)

Officers present

(Groups maintaining the PD)