The Combe Building

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The Combe Building
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The Combe Building

Ridleybank [50,41]

The Lawson Building Bush Boulevard
The Furze Building
The Combe Building Lewellen Way
a junkyard
Morton Lane Club Capps

Basic Info:


The building's stone-white facade is even today smeared with dark red stains - many of them taking the shape of handprints - that seem untouched by the rain, while the burnt-out cars and broken glass scattered in front of the building lend the same eerie atmosphere of death and desolation that characterizes much of Malton since the outbreak.

Signs of the building's former inhabitants can still be found within. The ground floor still holds many overturned crates containing cosmetic supplies, useless to survivors but serving as a reminder of less troubled times when people lived and worked (and worried about appearances) in Malton. The upper floor is filled with desks and cubicles with scattered paperwork and broken computers, company posters featuring glamorous models with the company's slogan - "More Than Skin Deep" - still hanging from the blood-smeared walls. There is a disturbing hint of zombie activity here, as well: in several places, one can find smeared graffiti on the walls, written not in spraypaint but in makeup apparently taken from downstairs. Much of it is illegible, but a few examples seem to resemble extremely crude childrens' drawings of women in imitation of the posters, and at least one lipstick-scrawled scribbling vaguely resembles the word "skin," though this may be more of a Rorschach phenomenon than actual writing.


The Combe Building, housing the offices of Combe Cosmetics before the outbreak, sits in the northwestern corner of Ridleybank, forming part of the western border to Barrville and but one block from Roachtown to the north. It, like the rest of Ridleybank, has fallen to the zombies in recent months and is considered treacherous territory for survivors.

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