The Siege of Giddings Mall

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The Siege of Giddings Mall was an assault by the zombie group The Many on Giddings Mall in the surburb of Pitneybank in mid September 2005. The survivors defending the mall were made up primarily of members of the PA Rebel Alliance. Though the exact outcome of the resultant fighting is unclear, the battle is generally considered a survivor success.

(Note that this should not be confused with the attack on Giddings Mall earlier in September, covered on The Many, The Pretorians and Operation Windmill Scrotum controversy pages, nor should it be confused with the Battle of Giddings Mall.)

The First Wave

On September 19th, The Many began their siege on the mall by launching a large assault on the Northeast quadrant. The Many succeeded in killing most, if not all, of the humans inside. The sector was held by The Many for several hours, before being driven out by a human counterattack.

The Second Wave

On September 20th, The Many launched an attack on The Morrish Building, a Necrotech labratory in close proximity to the mall. In this attack, The Many penetrated the lab and succeeded in killing nearly every survivor inside before a human counterattack hours later drove them out.

Other Attacks

On September 21st, a small squad of about 35 zombies entered the Southeast quadrant of Giddings Mall. They succeeded in killing an estimated 6-10 mid-level and high-level survivors. Several of the zombies left the building once the attack was deemed complete, and the rest were driven off by a survivor counterattack about an hour later. This was apparently the last major fighting in the battle.


After a week of general zombie inactivity, the survivors claimed victory in the siege. The Many are not known to have mounted any major operations in the area or elsewhere in the city since then, leading some to wonder whether their apparent defeat in the Siege of Giddings Mall was a major contributing factor to the rumored but unconfirmed dissolution of The Many as a zombie group.