Battle of Giddings Mall

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Battle of Giddings Mall
Conflict Urban dead
Date January
Place Giddings Mall
Result Zombie Victory
Survivors Zombies
Saromu, Sgt. Whiskey Swiper, Doctor Putzs, Drazghul, Thalarion, Tony Blair, Bryant Dilstar, and others Mighty Warlord Xyu, Petrosjko,
  • Cops, Firefighters, Consumers, Privates, Medics, Scouts, NecroTech Lab Assistants and Doctors


several over 5000!


  • January 14th - the Giddings Defenders is formed, an ad-hoc group comprising of small groups, larger groups and Officers from the defenders at Giddings.
  • January 17th - The horde swells to over 300 zombies, and small uncoordinated break-ins are not exploited, leading to the zombies being rapidly killed and dumped outside Giddings...
  • January 18th- Over 400 zombies now besiege Giddings, the break-ins become more numerous, and NT medics lead revive runs almost constantly - casualties are lower than expected, but promised reinforcements still do not show.
  • January 19th - New NecroTech functions come online, the effect of these is still unknown, as Giddings fell so quickly after they were implemented. The numbers of survivors dwindled as larger break-ins continued. The Creedy Defense Force withdraws just prior to several large break-ins.

Just an hour before several large breakins, the Creedy Defense Force called for an evacuation of its members and other allied groups.

  • January 20th - An expected assualt commences on the weak North Western corner of Giddings. The coordinated Mall Tour and RRF strike tears through the barricades, and destroys the NE corner entirely. Throughout the night bitter fighting erupts as many sides are rebarricaded, knocked down. Many fall unexpectedly, and in the morning the Evacuation of Giddings is called.

The Battle

The Battle of Giddings Mall lasted for days, the Giddings Defenders lasted as long as they could but in the end Mall Tour took over. The main fighting is over but small fights still go on from time to time.


A large amount of controversy remains after the January Siege of Giddings Mall.

After the Siege of Caiger Mall, the Caiger Mall Survivors offered support to the groups who assisted. During the siege barely any reinforcements arrived from the Caiger Mall Survivors and other groups who had promised support.

This led to a major rift between the Caiger Mall Survivors and many of the groups who fought at Giddings. In conclusion of this CMS-Meta stood up - an organised group of Caiger Mall Survivors who did show up at the Giddings Siege.


The aftermath of this Siege of Giddings is still unclear. It was the most successful defense against the Mall Tour until Caiger Mall, and fell only after the Tour started its own organized attacks and the RRF arrived to aid it. It demonstrated that survivors could still hold off zombies for several days if the numbers were roughly equal and the survivors had dedicated and organized defenders.

On the 21st of January the Giddings Defenders became the Alliance of Giddings, and vowed to retake Pitneybank. Many of those within the Alliance of Giddings also have decided not to send support to Caiger in the coming Siege, despite the effords of CMS-Meta.