Tompson Mall Irregulars

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Clock.png Historical Group
This historical group is no longer active. However, its wiki page is preserved to reflect the group's significance in Urban Dead history.

Tompson Mall Irregulars
Abbreviation: TMI
Group Numbers: 250+
Leadership: Informal oligarchy
Goals: Survival first, control of Tompson Mall second
Recruitment Policy: Closed
Contact: unavailable

The Tompson Mall Irregulars were one of the first few groups formed in Malton, an informal group of survivors, founded by Brian Sutherland, dedicated to the defense of necessary resources through guerilla tactics. Despite their name, most TMIs operated in the streets and regular buildings of Lockettside, using the mall itself as a supply depot rather than a safehouse. They had no formal membership list or code of conduct; all survivors who contribute to the defense of the area could call themselves Irregulars (or not, as it suits them). The distributed nature of the group made zombie spy infiltration pointless, and known PKers were shot on sight.

There was no formal policy on barricade strength inside the Mall. For this reason, players considering approaching the area with a view to joining the TMI should've been aware that they may not've been able to enter the Mall without Free Running.

Several other groups had affiliated themselves with TMI, most notably the Frossard Place Police Department. Dedicated to the defense of their chosen police station, the 'Sards are a proudly stubborn group of survivors, and their ability to stand their ground in the face of constant attacks has earned them the respect of all who know them. Although their survival strategy differs from that of the TMI, they were valued allies and good friends.

The Marven Mall resistance group, 4 Corners Regulators, allied with TMI shortly after the 'Sards joined them, thus forming the Malton Confederacy.

The Irregulars were also supporters of the Vengabean Family, and enjoyed the company of the amiable drunkards whenever they wandered in for a visit. Although all PKers in Lockettside were killed as a matter of course, the TMI bounty hunters held a special grudge against the rogue OMAR Vengabean and his followers, and would go out of their way to kill him as often as possible.