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Clock.png Inactive Group
This group is no longer active. Their impact on human defensive techniques is reason to keep the page alive.

The Malton Confederacy
Abbreviation: MC / The Confederacy
Group Numbers: 300+
Leadership: Informal oligarchy
Goals: Facilitating communication and sharing information between survivor groups
Recruitment Policy: Open to groups, organisations and individual members.

The Malton Confederacy (formerly Southern Confederacy / TMI) is a multiple organisational alliance formed from various groups within the game, and is one of the largest player groups not derived from a pre-game forum. Membership is open to both groups and individuals alike, and the MC's intelligence, scout and spy networks span the city of Malton.

Capital Location

Although the Malton Confederacy is strongest in the southern portion of the city, it is a universal organisation striving to better survivor groups' chances against the unending horde of infected by providing an external method of centralised communication. The Confederacy has no capital as such; it is distributed evenly throughout the strong community that has formed around it.


The Malton Confederacy was formed by the unity of three large survivor groups, represented in its emblem: a triple Tau within an equilateral triangle on an empty field. In addition to representing the three original groups, the triple Tau also refers to the morals of the group: courage, fortitude, and honour. The triangle itself is a traditional symbol for the spirit of revolution.


Soon after Malton's zombie infection began, a survivor, Brian Sutherland, witnessed the terrors that befell the very few centralised resistance groups in existence. From the fall of Fort Perryn to the collapse of Shearbank, time and time again humans were destroyed where they centralised by the verminous infected hordes.

In the early weeks of the infection he took shelter in Tompson Mall, Lockettside. Here he began organising some of the survivors into scouting parties to gather intelligence reports from all around the suburb. This group grew quickly, and became the Tompson Mall Irregulars. A forum was organised for the discussion of distributed defence, which attracted survivors from all across Malton.

A few weeks later, news came that another group, the 'Sards, had formed in the area. This second group was more focused on roleplaying than on military strategy, and dedicated themselves to the defense of one particular safehouse rather than using distributed defence. Despite their differences, however, this alcoholic, rowdy bunch took warmly to their guerilla neighbours and joined the TMI alliance.

Shortly thereafter, Marven Mall was attacked. TMI sent assistance along with an envoy to invite the defenders of Marven to join forces and work for a common objective. The 4 Corners Regulators were formed, and became valued allies of the TMIs. Since then, many more survivors have joined, and many more will continue to do so. What started as a moment of boredom for one survivor ended up - through the blood, sweat, and tears of hundreds of other survivors - becoming the largest alliance in the game.

Recently signed the Malton Allied-Confederacy. A pact uniting both the Alliance of Giddings and the Malton Confederacy. Which was shortly after broken by the Alliance of Giddings.


Although membership is open to individuals residing within the Confederate regional suburbs and the surrounding area, membership affiliation with groups is limited by numerics. Groups wishing to become part of the Confederacy must exceed 25 members. More information is available at The Malton Confederacy website.

Member Groups

Co-operation and Shared Defence

The Malton Confederacy is not a group, as such; rather, it is intended to be an informal organisation dedicated to the principles of survivor co-operation, communication, and shared defence. The founders of the organisation believe that sharing information is the key to survival. Joining the MC does not imply any sort of surrender of individual or group rights, nor will the organisation ever dictate orders or claim absolute authority over any survivors or territories. The MC recognizes the valiant efforts of established survivor groups, and has no desire to impinge on their freedoms or demean their accomplishments or abilities. Although membership in the Malton Confederacy is encouraged, it is completely optional for both individuals and groups. If any localised group wishes to have no involvement with the organisation whatsoever, their wishes will be respected as much as possible.

Membership in the Confederacy does provide several advantages. The main website and forum are used for scouting reports, revive requests, and PK reporting, and all affiliated groups are also offered their own public or private subforum. Members can also request aid in the form of military intervention, patrols, barricade maintenance, etc. It should be noted, however, that the Malton Confederacy has no power in and of itself: it is merely an organisational body, and the survivors within it are free to do as they wish. For groups, the best way to ensure the receipt of aid is to be active within the organisation. Help others, and they should return the favour.

Locations of Malton Confederacy groups


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