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ACC Operations History
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These are the details of all operations completed in 2012 which are unclassified at this time. Other operations may still be active or due to their classified nature we can not publish any information. Current Operations can be found on our main page, and operations of earlier years on their own pages through the above menu.

Operation: Arrow to the Knee - Ended on January 18th, 2012(Echo 1)

Operation: Black Dog - Ended on January 20th, 2012(Echo 2)

Operation: Soul Reapin' - Ended on March 3rd, 2012(Echo 1)

Operation: Get to the Choppa' - Ended on March 3rd, 2012(Echo 2)

Operation: Home Improvement - Ended on May 5th, 2012

Operation: Wolf's Den - Ended on June 22nd, 2012

Operation: Glass Cross - Ended on September 10th 2012

Operation: Wedding in the Mountains - Ended on November 23rd 2012

Further operations will be added as they become declassified. For any other ACC-related information, please visit our main page.

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