Bamford Park

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Bamford Park

Pescodside [92,12]

the Sunderland Museum Farmer Walk the Waish Building
Liminton Plaza Bamford Park Batten Drive
the Lancastle Building Willett Square the Farbrother Building

Basic Info:

  • This is an empty block, and cannot be barricaded.

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Bamford Park is a large victorian park located in the suburb of Pescodside and is home to the Sunderland Museum's Winter Garden, the Bamford Park War Memorial, and a small observation hill. The train lines between Youl Avenue and Spitter Walk Railway Station run through here, but the tracks are crossable by pedestrian bridges located at several spots throughout the park.

Famed for its hobos and underage drinkers the park never the less was a popular attraction for families with young children visiting the museum during the day. The park's main feature is the large boating pond and the glass Winter Garden which contains exotic plants from around the world. The Winter Garden is maintained by staff from the Sunderland Museum.

Completed in 1940, the original Winter Garden in Bamford Park was only open for two years before being destroyed by fire in 1942. Until the 1960's the plot remaining vacant before being replaced with concrete offices for the Sunderland Museum. In 1996, during a mass refurbishment these were finally torn down and replaced with the modern glass structure that can be seen to this day.

Interestingly, during the drainage of the park pond for renovation purposes a number of large mutant eels were discovered alive at the bottom of the pond. Despite the resulting scandal in the local press, in which the chemical labs of the nearby Waish Building were implicated, the story and the eels disappeared without a trace soon afterwards.

These days the park lies empty and deserted, with the fronds of the Winter Garden's palm trees poking through the smashed and missing panes of glass in its roof. In the pond, rowboats and plastic peddle-powered swans drift aimlessly across its dark waters. It is said that more than one survivor has been known to have caught a fleeting glimpse of long serpent-like shapes swimming just under the water's surface every now and then. As of yet, no survivor has been foolish enough to go swimming.

Noted NecroTech scientist, Caleb Usher, visited the park once after the "Malton Incident" to post an official "No Swimming" sign next to the park's pond before returning to the Waish Building.


All are welcome to the Bamford Park and tea parties are held regularly. The homeless are particularly welcome, but be advised that if a survivor should sleep here there is a good chance that they will wake up dead. The soup kitchen has also been closed since the epidemic began.

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