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As of Now

A long time ago, when few BUBs remember it today, there was a young, spry team of hit-and-run teabaggers lead by a self-proclaimed roleplaying genuis, Officer Sheaffer. Together, they crashed parties and horded the wine of Buttonville. These carefree fellows laid down the foundation for our group, the Buttonville Unroyal Bastards.

When the torch of leadership was passed on, DrLulwut was chosen to replace the good Officer. His test of leadership was immediate. Fending of a MOB bash, he and a few members held off in the Lethebe building. Salvaging what he could get from the wreckage, he carried his group through many more bashes, finally having a stable crew.

The BUBs have been called many things.

When our former group fell, The Malton Strike Corps, we realized we had gone at life all wrong.

From the ashes we rose once again at the needles of the Randoms, this time, with a drive and goal in life! We, the dashing men and women of the south, arise now to seek all that is worth finding. We come with the name Unroyal to symbolize our hatred of outward authority by any people that treat groups like royalty (and therefore allow them to walk all over them, and often stamp them into the cement, i.e the Big Bashs and RRF often times.)

We are therefore, to be summed up, protectors of Buttonville, Culture, Wine, Literature, and our glorious Grand Policy. We are also fanatic life cultists and ZKers.

So, with all these new ideas driving us forward, the Unroyal Bastards were born.

We are relatively laid back, civil people. We are probably also one of the most AP-inefficient survivor groups ever, due to our avid role-playing, long chats and belief that there is sexy pr0nz in this game, somewhere, and if there is, it must be found.