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Mall Managment

This is a generic message to all Buckley Mall residents for proper and suggested defense of said Mall.


Half in Buttonville, and Half in Wyke Hills, Buckley Mall has historically been a quiet Mall. In the wake of the Recent rising of The Dead once more, we feel it nessecary that this defense plan be posted on this wall. Buckley Mall is an advantagous Mall to defend due it's close proximity to many resource buildings, so take advantage of it.


1. The Tebbett Building (NT: Necrotech)

From the northwest corner of the mall, this NT Building is located two blocks north, and one block west. It is the closest NT building to the Mall. Syringes can be manufactored here, and Necrotech employees have access to Necronet.

2. Julie General Hospital (HP: Hospital)

Directly one block north from the North East corner of the Mall, Julie General Hospital is the closest hospital to the Mall. FAKs (First Aid Kits) can be found here. FAKs can cure infections and heal the wounded.

3. Garlick Square Fire Station (FD/EP: Fire Department/Entry Point)

Managed by yours truely, the Buttonville Unroyal Bastards, this entry point is kept at VSB++... why? If you happen to have Free Running, you can enter this building and then go into the Mall which is kept at EHB++ at all times, which is impossible for survivors to get into without said entry point.

4. Hanney Auto Repair (AR: Auto Repair)

Located two blocks west of the North West corner of the mall, this Auto Repair contains spraycans and fuel cans.

5. Buckley Mall (M: Mall)

Perhaps the greatest resource area of all, the Mall has a wide variety of resources abounding in its many shops. Protect it well. Amunition is in high stock here.


Mall Defenders, while not required to, are suggested to use our designated area of the Forum to coordinate outside of the game (removing the need for AP and having the message being able to be seen indefinitely). For benefit of those like you, if you are a Mall defender, join us or our Mall Staff team.

Further Organization is done on the Forum.

Safety and Enjoyment

To best provide the relaxed atmosphere we seek to create, the Buckley Mall Staff Defenders has a strict policy against zombie attacks on our Mall rats.

Any zombie while in Buckley Mall will be swiftly take a headshot. It is however noteworthy that not all zombies outside of the Mall or in the Mall (when ruined) are bad, in fact, they may be our comrades. It is a widely known fact that the Buttonville Unroyal Bastards are Life Cultists who engage in ZKing.

DrLulwut & The Forum

Note: The Docter is in charge of Mall Defense at the current moment, and is looking for a replacement among the Bastard group, the Buckley Mall Staff Defenders. Join the Forum for more details: http://bubforum.makeforum.in/