Cemetery 50,14

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a cemetery

Millen Hills [50, 14]

a junkyard
the Combs Building Empson Lane
St. Alexander's Church
a cemetery a factory
Creeber Drive
a junkyard wasteland

Basic Info:

Cemetery 50,14

50 14 cemetary.jpg



Although officially nameless, this small plot of graves was informally known as "Bombers' Row" amongst Millen Hills residents before the outbreak, as it is the final resting place for a number of INLA and RIRA operatives who were killed by the British forces during an attempt to bomb key locations in Malton in the mid 1980s - the INLA's targets included Millen's Bide and Cavendish banks, while the separate RIRA campaign was aimed at detonating explosives in Doe Avenue Police Department. Both plots were foiled due to the presence of an unnamed supergrass going back and forth between both groups, ultimately reporting back to the British police force. In overly-brutal raids, the police attempted to apprehend the operatives, but resulting shoot-outs with both groups led to the deaths of six INLA men, three RIRA men, and four police officers. The police officers were to be interred in cemetaries further to the south of Malton, but the lack of funding, or concern, from the British population of Malton led to the internment of the nine Irishmen in a small communal plot. Since the outbreak, the area has been left mostly untouched, with the undead having no interest in the cold bones of the fleshless dead, and the local groups caring not for a history they have had no hand in writing.

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