Dandison Auto Repair

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Dandison Auto Repair
Brought up to barricade code, genny is running.
Clayton Carmine (talk) 15:19, 24 July 2022 (UTC)
Dandison Auto Repair

Darvall Heights [24, 21]

Howel Bank a factory Crossman Grove Police Department
the Cranfield Museum Dandison Auto Repair Nurten Avenue
Piers Park the Rugvie Monument Lascelles Library

Basic Info:

  • Auto Repair shops have no internal descriptions.
  • Auto Repairs can be barricaded normally.


Dandison Auto Repair from across Nurten Ave. Pre-2005 image.
You are standing outside Dandison Auto Repair, a four-storey red-brick building with black crosses painted across its doors.

Dandison Auto Repair is a former auto body shop in northern Darvall Heights, located on Nurten Avenue. The lower level has largely been cleared of cars and machinery. A large interior ramp to the second floor, formerly filled with offices, is the main reason this building has been chosen as an entry point; it also makes it somewhat difficult to defend from zombies. The third floor and small fourth floor have apartments which are now used by those traveling through Darvall Heights. The top floor now sports a small garden; see History below.


Little is known of Dandison's status in the first few years after the zombie apocalypse. In more recent years, it has been solidly in the territory of the Soldiers of Crossman, as it is a major source of fuel to keep Crossman Grove Police Department up and running. It also serves as an entry point for the PD.

Since 2013, Dandison's upper floors have been a base of operations for the Malton Taoist Temple. They have set up a rooftop meditation garden, open to the living public when the building is not overrun by zombies, in which case it is open to the deceased public.

The rooftop meditation garden maintained by the MTT. The pines in the background are in Piers Park.

Barricade Policy

Should be kept at VSB per the barricade plan. It is usually safe, with zombie break-ins normally occurring once every few months, often as a side target next to Crossman Grove PD.