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Undergoing Renovation

The Deck of 52

Group Motto : Outnumbered but Never Outgunned

Deck of 52
Deck of 52.JPG
Abbreviation: D52
Group Numbers: None
Leadership: None
Goals: Protection of clients assets
Recruitment Policy: Pro-Survivor; See Recruitment Below
Contact: Please sign up at the Deck of 52 forums Contact

About Us

Deck is now undergoing a major restructuring

The Deck of 52 is a group of 52 highly trained mercenaries who worked for an extremely rich businessman who had massive amounts of assets in Malton, particularly in Williamsville. Many of the soldiers died during the first days of the outbreak, but the mercenaries continue to recruit more fighters, and protect their clients assets as well as any other survivors.

WilliamsvilleDefenseCoalitionFlag.jpg Coordination for once!
This user/group supports the The Williamsville Defense Coalition and hopes that they might have at least some success against the hordes.
Bfdbgfhfsh.jpg Deck of 52
This user is a member or ally of the Deck of 52 which will defend Williamsville and support the surrounding area from the Zombie threat.

Outnumbered but Never Outgunned


After deliberation from it's Council and Command, The Deck of 52 has decided to sever all diplomatic relations with the Communist Party of Malton. This decision has been reached for several reasons. The Deck of 52 recognizes the Communist Party of Malton as an anti-survivor group. As an anti-survivor group, the Communist Party of Malton's purpose is directly contradictory to The Deck of 52's purpose. More so, The Deck of 52 refuses to recognize a group who kills non-combatants as an ally. It is for these reasons that the Deck of 52 has vetoed it's alliance with The Communist Party of Malton, and announced a complete severance of all diplomatic relations. This decision is effective immediately.

Signed: The Council and Higher Command of The Deck of 52 and it's members

John Kingston 06:00, 29 August 2009 (BST)

The Deck

Bfdbgfhfsh.jpg Bfdbgfhfsh.jpg Bfdbgfhfsh.jpg Bfdbgfhfsh.jpg

Each member will be assigned a face card, Aces will be Battalion Commanders with the Ace of Spades being the most senior member.

The Aces, after being selected, can select their lower ranking officers from a list of potential choices. The choice is usually chosen from the suit they command. They can only choose their King, Queen, and Jack. The rest will be assigned to what suit they want to enter. However, only 51 recruits will become Face Cards and any new recruits after that will only be Deck Members.


1). The 10 to 2 of your suit are all equal rank, the higher your number makes no real difference, but longer seving members are usually moved higher if a space is available.

2). Only K,Q,J are higher ranks, these are your second in command. But they are the same; being a King doesn't make you a higher rank than a Jack. They are Equal.

3). With the Ace being the highest, but they are like the rest, an Ace of Hearts is equal to the other Aces, with the exception of Ace of Spades, he has more authority to give the group an official leader figure.

4). The Sage provides wisdom, advice and support for the deck and its members and acts as the chief recruiter and diplomat. While not a face card the Sages authority is equal to that of an Ace.

The Deck is split into four groups:

- Spades : These are the most ruthless of all four, they are order to hunt down ANYONE or ANYTHING who threatens the suburb of Williamsville, including PKers, GKers and anyone causing trouble in the area.


- Hearts : These are the scientific group that is ordered to patrol the suburb reviving civilians and undead Deck members. They are also ordered to go into surrounding areas to recruit new members to the group.


- Diamonds : The Medical group that is more ordered to keep people alive at all costs.


- Clubs : They do all of the above, patrolling the area killing zeds and PKers when they come across them and repairing damaged buildings, installing generators etc.


- Blackjacks : These are Bounty Hunters of each suite, they track down and kill any PKers they come across. They operate on a separate chain of Command, and answer only to Central Command.


- Jokers : Each suit has a Joker position available. They are more diplomatic players, who can take on other tasks such as running the Deck Radio (Radio 52; 28.53) or running there own themed building, as long as the Deck Command approve of it.


Former Members : Went AWOL or are currently MIA. IF they choose to return their cases will be examined on a case by case basis.

Colin WMD

lego minifig

John Kingston




Danny Blackthorn


Dave Chancelwood


Dr Crazyface

Ezeakial Cain

Feon Kensai

Henry Thoreau III



jedi scotty

Joe Lunchbuket




master yogi1



Pc chan


Ronan Lei


Sgt D Wolfman






Zeke Sergio

All Suits Closed

Members With Wiki Accounts

Lego Minifig

Colin WMD

Sgt D Wolfman

John Kingston

Feon Kensai

Henry Thoreau III



D52 HQ, Outposts and Freq

Our HQ is Hurst Square School in Williamsville currently under renovations

Our Freq is Deck Radio is at 28.35

Lahey Auto Repair is the Training Center of the Deck, it is located in Williamsville No Longer in Use

See their links for further information.



Red Guards of Williamsville

The Randoms

Detulux Inc

Red Cresent Research Facility Disbanded

Wasteland of Fiend Disbanded

Order Of the Specter Disbanded

Zombie Juice Inactive

ZAF Gone Rogue, No Longer Allied + Have Disbanded

Communist Party of Malton Invalidated by order of The Deck of 52 Council


MC Dougal ID

last Soulreaper ID



Operation FoxtrotPapa


Operation Cleansweep


Operation Charging Bull


Operation Poseidon's Trident

Lerwill Heights and Shore Hills

Operation Full House


Operation Cleansweep 2


Operation Green Tiberium 1



Operation Rolling Thunder

West Grayside

Operation Green Tiberium 2


All Above Operations Completed


Current ops : Operation Tropical Storm



Mercinaries.jpg Heavy Arms
This user or group has Heavy Arms and will use them if provoked.
Pkdaythumb.jpg Body Count
The Deck of 52 has killed 549 zombies. far, and not all Zeds, you have been warned.


There are several conditions to joining the Deck of 52.

1). You must be strictly Pro-Survivor - Members who PK will be banished.

2). You cannot have more than one account in the Deck at a time.

Those are the two main conditions to joining the Deck. To join: Locate us at our headquarters, Hurst Square School, or post an application at our forums. The link is below.


Training Guide

Training Guide