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DHPD - Charlie Squad
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About Charlie Squad

Charlie Squad is DHPD's Forward Recon Squad! They work closely with DHPD's other squads, but you'll always find them front and center, leading DHPD into hostile territories and Kicking ASS! Risking life and limb to occupy and maintain the most contested buildings in Malton, members of Charlie Squad require nerves of steel, and a will and desire to turn defense to offense.

Charlie Squad is always recruiting! We are looking for officers with Free Running, Construction, and combat skills. To apply, simply join DHPD via the our official forum and say hello!


Membership to Charlie Squad is open to all DHPD members who have graduated to full officers.

Charlie Squad
Squad Leader: DEADLY043
Goals: Forward Recon
Recruitment Policy: Open to all officers
Contact: DHPD Forum
Talk:Dunell Hills Police Department

Squad Members

Name Profile Role Nickname Comment
DEADLY043 1458360 Squad Leader
Geoff Rowley 1825286 2iC Fastbreak Character of CptFastbreak
Bill Turner 334195 Officer
Gort McCalister 1789231 Officer Character of bigdogbites
Pocari Sweat 1255245 Officer Space Character of Space Tyrant
Theo McAvoy 1694905 Officer
Xanarack 1327138 Officer


Name Profile Role Nickname Comment
Adam Weishaupt 188013 Heavy Support
Allie Paran 1451328
Boris Vorobyoff 1238186
braunwyn cleanslate 1043875 Squad Medic Bryn
cano whupass 1266200 Squad Medic & Reviver Whupass The Fighting Golden Hamster
Cerrus 444612 Combat Support
David Hateley 1580910 Weapons Specialist
EvilDieHard 911680
Fr4nk Castle 274719 Heavy Support
grimgin 1197132
Handler Six 752775 Squad Chaplain
Jada Mai 1684593 Squad Leader
Jim Extreme 708370
John Garai 18285 Weapons Specialist
Jonathan Osterman 1254665 Reviver Character of Tyler James
Kerry Brown 710282 Recon
Mish Ewe 1408668 Character of mishes
negropajaro 1454135 Character of blackbird
nexvinco 1736892
Papa Roge 551926 Squad Leader
pault 265169 Squad Leader
Realnow 1343613 Reviver/Medic
salvadorluria 1527582 Officer
Sgt Lipton 683398 Squad Leader
The Autarch 1109032 Weapons Specialist
Theodore Doomfist 1680972 Officer Character of theomcnamara
wolfy06 742102 Combat Support

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