Earth Liberation Front

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Earth Liberation Front
Abbreviation: ELF
Group Numbers: Classified
Leadership: Classified
Goals: To protect the environment, stop the scourge that is the undead, and make a better society through an absence to technology.
Recruitment Policy: open to anyone commited to our cause

The Earth Liberation Front is a group dedicated to the destruction of anything that harms the Earth. This includes Fuel Cans and Portable Generaotrs, as such the ELF makes it a priority to destroy generators in Malton. Also, auto repair shops, factories, power stations, and warehouses are also targets of ELF attacks due to the fuel or generators they may contain inside. Though the ELF is anti-generator they are not anti-survivor, all ELF members feel that zombies are just as threatening to the environment as the generators, due to their disregard for and corruption of life. Though the ELF is against the use of generators and fuel cans, we also stand for many other things that we feel are plaguing the people of Malton, this includes the practice of Human Zombie unions, the Capturing of Animals and the practice of barricading of Power Stations, Factories, Warehouses, and Auto Repair shops.

Membership in the ELF

The membership in the ELF is classified because this group has very little leadership. Members of the ELF do not put their membership in the ELF onto their group bar because being in the ELF is like being in no group, in the ELF all we ask you to do is perform acts of liberation for others, this includes the destruction of generators, the lowering of barricades in buildings or the Pking of generator installers.

Enemies of the ELF

Disapproves.jpg NAFZ Disapprover
This User or Group Disapproves of the NAFZ
This group is a member of the Green Party.
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