Ebsworth Row

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Ebsworth Row

Lerwill Heights [29, 51]

the Hamlett Monument Blackborow Boulevard the Kemmis Building
(Shore Hills)
the Tennant Building Ebsworth Row Fih Bank
(Shore Hills)
Ings Street Speak Cinema the Brennand Building
(Shore Hills)

Basic Info:

  • A Street is a city block containing no buildings or monuments. There are a variety of other names besides Street including Alley, Avenue, Boulevard, Drive, Grove, Lane, Row, Square, Walk, Place, etc.
  • This is an empty block, and cannot be barricaded.
Revivification Point
One of the two revive points in Lerwill Heights (the other being carpark 22,53). Maintained by the Sebright Union and the Molebank Citizen Volunteers.

Waiting for Revives

Place all new revive request here.

Clear of zeds, thanks! Snaip 14:40, 7 January 2008 (UTC)

Waiting for a revive, about fourteen others as well. plese hurry, i saw a group of survivors comming. They dont look friendly.location: ebsworth row, lerwill hights, 29,51

That's it. I'm leaving Lerwill Heights. It happened again. I'm going to a green burb. Thanks in advance for the revive. http://www.urbandead.com/profile.cgi?id=1003487

Please revive. Thanks for the help. http://www.urbandead.com/profile.cgi?id=1003487

I need a revive. I've been trying to find a spot, and getting killed is really getting annoying. http://urbandead.com/profile.cgi?id=1030462

Revive me please - http://urbandead.com/profile.cgi?id=394549

I've tried other revive services, but they all seem to take weeks, even months to reach you, and then you practically have to bribe them to revive you, which is a bit hard when the most complex thing you can say is "Mrh?." I'd love a revive if anyone could help. http://urbandead.com/profile.cgi?id=1035994 THanks Mate

This whole living dead thing just isn't working out for me. I would really appreciate being revived. Brook The Fireman http://urbandead.com/profile.cgi?id=939463 I am at Ebsworth Row, Lerwill Heights, Of Course!

I need revived please. I miss my family. http://www.urbandead.com/profile.cgi?id=912149 I'm pretty sure you know where I am....although there are 16 other zombies here....

need to be revived virginialeigh id #: 916728 location: ebsworth row, lerwill hights, 29,51

need to be revived Joey Speedway http://urbandead.com/profile.cgi?id=908399 location: ebsworth row

Have been waiting for a week and a half http://www.urbandead.com/profile.cgi?id=616280 Jonathan Frey Lerwill Heights

I need a revive, please. Ben Whitehouse http://www.urbandead.com/profile.cgi?id=858016 Ebsworth Row, Lerwill Heights. 29,51.

I need a revive, I have lab experience and several syringes, so I can help revive afterward. I have been waiting for over a week
Adrian Volker
Ebsworth Row, Lerwill Heights. 29,51

Place all new revive request here.

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