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Labour Union Radio Channel Service - 27.18 MHz
Abbreviation: LURCS
Group Numbers: LURCS is not a paid service. Number of listeners varies.
Leadership: WWSIS
Goals: To organise labour around Malton.
Recruitment Policy: Broadcasting is free. No recruitment necessary.
Contact: Out of game you can reach us through our IRC Channel and forum.

Labour Union Radio Channel Service

LURCS is a channel founded by the Workers who Struggle in Solidarity, but open to use by the general public. The network of radio transmitters can be found around Power Stations in Malton. It is used to broadcast updates about the condition of the plants and their immediate surroundings. The first LURCS radio was installed in Krinks Power Station in November 2009. On the first of March 2010 LURCS expanded and installed a transmitter to keep the population of the Tolman Power Station informed. Broadcasts regarding the Tolman area will be under the name of TURCS, Tolman Union Radio Channel Service. The total amount of connected radios in this network is estimated at around 12.

Zed sighting bulletin #2
Zed sighting bulletin #5


LURCS brings regular news bulletins. Through the channel the WWSIS notifies people in the Krinks of GKers and PKers in the area. Several have been caught and brought to justice because of LURCS' vigilance. The most important service of LURCS NEWS is to compile and broadcast the ZOMBIE SIGHTING BULLETIN. This is done on a regular basis and covers the area from the Krinks to the Hospitals North of the plant, the Police Station Dibbings Plaza West of the Krinks, the Necrotech buildings to the South and on the East the border of Williamsville.

Want to join the network?

Click here or use the template below if you or your group are in (the area of) Krinks Power Station or Tolman Power Station and you want to show that you are actively using and helping to keep up the radio contact in the area. The only other precondition is that you are not hostile to the WWSIS, and agree that the Power Stations should not be a safe haven for PKers, GKers, zombies, racists and other bigots.

Copy to the following to a page of your choosing: {{LURCSLicense|User="YOUR_NAME_HERE"}} and put your name inside it.

Wwsissmallblue.jpg Wwsissmallblue.jpgWwsissmallblue.jpg
Emergency Radio
Wwsissmallblue.jpg Wwsissmallblue.jpgWwsissmallblue.jpg
'Jane Doe' is licensed to broadcast on freq. 27.18.

This frequency is registered by the WWSIS. Due to circumstances at the Krinks Power Station, Tolman Power Station and their surrounding area, licenses are freely available. WWSIS encourages the use of 27.18 and IRC in the struggle to keep the Power Stations free of zombies and hostile survivors. Click here to get one

The Topleaf Victory

The LURCS-network has helped very concretely in the struggle against the fascist organizations in Malton. A major role was played in the conflict around Krinks in February and March 2010. The most efficient victory of LURCS was a swift action of preventing the National Socialist Union to settle in the West Grayside NT facility The Topleaf Building. A LURCS organiser moved into the facility, informed the people inside on the fact that a neonazi was planning to settle in the facility. Apparently, said neonazi was removed by an inhabitant only minutes after he entered the building. LURCS will expand its reach every time a neonazi grouping thinks they can pretend to help the survivors in Malton. After the Topleaf Victory on the 24th of March 2010, the National Socialist Union removed their claim to helping out on the location from their group page. It is a textbook example of how nazis should be defeated. The LURCS activist will be given a fresh Tolman Power Station overall when he returns to base.

Fascism.gif Fascism
LURCS hates fascists and will do everything in their power to feed them to the zombies

FireCircle.png MutualAid
LURCS advocates mutual aid by means of being helpful, creative, and cooperative in-game, on the Wiki, and everywhere else in Urban Dead; in other words, not being a horrible, useless bastard.

Wwsissmallblue.jpg LURCS
We listen and broadcasts on the Labour Union Radio Channel Service 27.18

Antinazibattle.jpg Battle of Krinks
This user is in the killing nazis business!
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