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The LoSH
Eat it, gramps!
Abbreviation: The Legion
Group Numbers: 29, and growing
Leadership: We don't have 'official' leaders.
Goals: Securing the peace, and protecting the citizens of Malton.
Recruitment Policy: Recruitment is currently open. If you'd like to join, contact a 'senior member'.
Contact: Jake Cowan, Lt MSU, Bruce Rogers, Matsu Tsuko, or simply go to the 'discussion' part of this wiki page!

The LoSH, more commonly known as the Legion, is a group dedicated to protecting the citizens of Malton -- and more specifically, the suburbs of Roftwood and Stanbury Village-- from all threats, whether they may be the encroaching zombie hordes and/or the more nefarious groups of civilians in the area.

Group Structure

The Legion consists of three distinct branches:

1) The Assault Force specializes in the 'Military' skills and is primarily responsible for taking down designated threats.

2) The Support Team has the dual responsibilities of healing wounded Legion members and maintaining proper barricade levels at the assorted Legion buildings.

3) The Revivers are responsible for reviving first other members of the Legion and our allies, and then making sure that the revive points in the area are clear. Revivers should also be aware of who they are reviving so as to not allow 'zombie spies' free access to the land of the living.

While you are encouraged to specialize in one particular area, we also recognize that as you gain experience you will develop the abilities to help in other areas as well.

The Legion also has deviated somewhat from the singular command structure that many groups feature. All members of the Legion are allowed some level of autonomy in determining their daily activities. And rather than answering to a single leader, or even a leadership group, the Legion takes direction from its senior members. These members include, but are not limited to, Jake Cowan, Bruce Rogers, Lt MSU, Matsu Tsuko, and others.

Membership in the Legion (aka: How do I join?)

The Legion prides itself on being an open organization, accepting members from all walks of life, so long as they are able to uphold and maintain the Legion's standards. If you would like to join, simply contact us and add LoSH to your profile.

After joining, your character will be asked to denote his membership by displaying this group's logo. This can be done any number of ways, from simply adding it to your t-shirt or tattooing it to your arm. We've even got a few signet rings leftover for those that would prefer jewelry.

Dangerous Alliances

In April and May of 2006, the Legion's home district of Roftwood suffered three successive zombie invasions, first from the Pwotters, then the RRF, and then by the Shining Ones. The Legion, battered and bruised but still alive and more determined than ever to restore Roftwood to its former state of relative tranquility, decided to ally itself with three other powerful groups: the Walking Dead, the Secret Six and The Shadow League.

The Secret Six has shown the ability to lock down areas of the city to provide safe harbor for survivors, and keep those areas well-protected against all but the largest zombie assaults. These efforts include barricading buildings, keeping the buildings supplied with generators and fuel, protecting 'sleeping' survivors, and providing revives for their allied groups.

The Walking Dead, on the other hand, are a horde of zombies that work to thin the attacking hordes from the inside out. Preferring to feed on their zombie brethren rather than human survivors, the Walking Dead follow their own brand of the Legion's 'code' to protect the survivors from other zombies as well as dangerous human groups.

Previous Missions

Operation: Roftwood - Urban Renewal and Development

In May, 2006, the Legion successfully liberated the suburb of Roftwood from the feral zombie hordes remaining in the wake of the Pwotters, then the RRF, and then by the Shining Ones.

After just two weeks, on Monday, May 22nd, 2006, the Legion -- working alongside the Channel 4 News Team, the Malton Mafia, the Secret Six, and others -- were proud to report that all four areas outside of the Hildebrand Mall and the Eligius were 'zombie-free zones'. Considering that the entire region had been overrun by three major zombie hordes over the past two months, this was considered a major accomplishment. Soon after, the entire suburb of Roftwood became repopulated, with survivors discovering that the suburb had become 'safe' once again.

Operation: Stanbury Village - Neighborhood Revitalization

After the completion of their mission in Roftwood, the Legion shifted their focus to Stanbury Village. In their 'newbie' days, many of the Legion members had experienced a humiliating defeat at the hands of the Pwotters and the RRF there when Vere Cinema was overrun. Many members were killed, others were forced to retreat all the way to Tollyton. So, when the Secret Six proposed Nichols Mall as their next target for restoration, the Legion jumped at the chance.

The Pwotters had moved on. The RRF were occupied elsewhere. But, there was still a horde 130 zombies strong outside of the NW corner of Nichols Mall. Undaunted, the Legion and Secret Six moved in, barricading and adding generators and radio transmittors to the mall. In less than 24 hours, the mall went from being a place unsafe for sleeping, to having a small contingent sleeping inside. Within 48 hours, the mall was 'safe' again.

There were constant break-ins in the NW corner. The 'feeding drag' mechanism was introduced, presenting a new challenge to the Nichols survivors. But, the Legion persevered and, on June 25th, 2006, all of the zombies in the NW corner had been knocked down and more than half of the ferals, frustrated by the resistance they were now facing, had wandered off to easier feeding grounds. The Legion officially declared 'Victory' in the first stage of the Stanbury Village renewal effort.

Current Mission

The Legion is currently operating in Stanbury Village, attempting to help take back Nichols Mall from the zombie horde.

Zombie Threats: There is still a considerable feral horde in Stanbury Village. We are currently working to provide barricades and power to the entire suburb, making Stanbury Village 'safe' for survivors for the first time in recent memory.

Human threats: While feral stragglers from Roftwood remain a threat, far more meddlesome are the Apocalypse Horde GKers currently hitting Nichols Mall. Presumably, this is being done to undermine survivors' efforts in the Blackmore Building in Ridleybank. Verified GKers include: Housecall, a sense of unease, bubonic plague, and terminal flatulence. The Legion encourages the lead poisoning of these troublemakers on sight.

Other Eradication Efforts

Human Threats in Roftwood and Surrounding Areas

After having several of their own members killed by the Red Mafiya, and witnessing this group's unprovoked attacks on other survivors in the Roftwood suburb, the Legion has made the determination that The Red Mafiya, a group made up of many known PKers, will no longer be allowed to reside in Roftwood due to the danger that they present.

The Red Mafiya Wiki stated (it has since been edited to remove this part): If any body [sic] not from the Red Mafiya [sic] goes into are [sic] werehouse [sic] and stays for more than two days then he or she will die. this is not a joke we will really kill the person inside are [sic] werehouse. [sic]

(Note: This warehouse is located at 63,50 in Roftwood.)

Despite the absolutely atrocious spelling and fundamental abuse of punctuation and the English language in general, it is clear from this statement that The Red Mafiya maintains its stated intention to kill other survivors.

Chronicle of the PKing activities of the Red Mafiya

Update (June 6, 2006): Since relocating south of Roftwood to Tollyton, the The Red Mafiya has continued their practice of PKing citizens making the unfortunate mistake of staying overnight in 'their' buildings. We will continue to monitor and chronicle these events here, providing screencaps when possible and text of the events that transpired when screencaps are unavailable.

The following occurred on June 6, 2006:

You are lying outside the Sequiera Motel, a tall yellow-stone building, its doorway flanked by statues. The building has been heavily barricaded - you can see no way to enter.

Somebody has spraypainted Red mafiya lives here! onto a wall.

There is a group of 9 zombies here.

There are four dead bodies here.

Since your last turn:

dj "sweet" said "SWEET" (11 hours and 52 minutes ago)
dj "sweet" said "GAME OVER! da jocks on you." (11 hours and 50 minutes ago)
dj "sweet" said "Get the F--k Out of my Motel!" (11 hours and 49 minutes ago)
pocketrocket1 said "Your time is up!" (11 hours and 41 minutes ago)
pocketrocket1 attacked you for 12 damage. (11 hours and 41 minutes ago)

You have been killed.

Now, while we commend pocketrocket1 for his ability to hit with a flare gun, killing hapless survivors seeking shelter, rather than healing them and assisting them, is not conducive to 'friendly gameplay'.

Update (June 28, 2006): The following screencaps provide further evidence against the Red Mafiya. The Legion had ended hostilities with this group, as the Red Mafiya had complied with the Legion's request to leave Roftwood and the surrounding suburbs. On June 27th and June 28th, 2006, they returned to attack the Legion and the Secret Six in and around Nichols Mall in Stanbury Village.

Evidence 1 - TOMMY VERSETTY and Don Salieri attacking Jackson Cowan in Hildebrand Mall.
Evidence 2 - Don Salieri attacking Jake Cowan in Vere Cinema.
Evidence 3 - Don Salieri attacking an S6 OMAC Drone, after killing Jake Cowan in Vere Cinema.
Evidence 4 - Zergers TOMMY VERSETTY and Tommy Versetto attacking Jackson Cowan (yes, again), now in Nichols Mall, after killing Sgt MSU of the Secret Six.

The Legion cannot, and will not, allow this group to remain active in, or near, Roftwood.

Chronicle of the other activities of the Red Mafiya

If you search 'Red Mafiya' in the little box to your left, you'll note that the first reference you will find to them is in a thread about vandalization of other groups' wiki pages. In late May, 2006, the Red Mafiya also vandalized the LoSH wiki. Their activities where caught, chronicled, and then reversed by a member of the Malton Mafia (our thanks, by the way, Grog):

Someone from The Red Mafiya had obviously edited this so that in each place where it said "Red Mafiya", it instead said "LoSH" - complete with the wrong link. As a member of another group experiencing problems with them - The Malton Mafia - I thought I would be helpful =) --Grog with a gun23:41, 25 May 2006 (BST)

Evidence of The Red Mafiya tampering with the LoSH wiki.
Change of this page No.1
Change of this page No.2
Change of this page No.3

Could this be the End of the Red Mafiya ... ?

On July 4th, 2006, the Red Mafiya announced on their Wiki page that they would be 'retiring' from Urban Dead, at least for the time being. Quite frankly, the Legion considers driving these assclowns from the game one if its finest moments.

So, before we go any further, let the Legion be the first to officially say "Don't let the door hit ya ..."

Now, that said, we're not entirely buying it. Why? Well, these guys have a history of lying. And, besides that, it would seem to fit their maturity level to pull something like this, expecting everyone to just go on with their lives and completely forget that the Red Mafiya ever existed. Sorry, gents. Just because you might be that dumb, it doesn't mean that anyone else is.

So, while the Red Mafiya may actually be retiring and leaving the game (and, hey, if they are, Urban Dead will only be better for it), we're going to be keeping their names and their profiles and their links and all of the screen shots we've got of their general assclownishness so that, should they ever decide to return, we'll be waiting for them.

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