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Malton Response Team G
Abbreviation: MRTG
Group Numbers: 25-50
Leadership: Jester76 GG (Involuntarily Volunteered Grand Poobah), Firemedic41 GG (Involuntarily Volunteered Ambassador)
Goals: Assisting all survivors, eliminating the zed threat, restoring access to XBox Live
Recruitment Policy: Active members of GeezerGamers.Com
Contact: See Info Under Discussion Tab
know what you are talking about Short-wave Radio Info
This group or location has a dedicated radio frequency.

Frequency: 28.05 MHz
Transmitter Coordinates: ?,?

When the power fluctuated, many of them were unaware of what was happening. Some of their 360's flickered with red rings, and some went out completely. Dumbfounded and downright pissed, many of these adult gamers who were not on hold with Xbox Live Tech Support, walked bewildered outside to their streets only to see the undead shambling towards them. Banding together with their XBL "GeezerGamer" family, they reluctantly put down their wireless controllers and headsets, and took to the streets of Malton with the intent of helping other survivors, and restoring power and internet access with the hope that that they can get back on Xbox Live within a reasonable amount of time.


2008-01-19 : MRTG successfully launches several successful coordinated waves against zeds near the **LOCATION CLASSIFIED**. We are now beginning to take a look at the PK'ers with maturity issues on our Most Wanted list, and especially those who have displayed what can only be described as "little-man syndrome". MRTG is considering de-mobilizing it's tactical units for the time being.--Firemedic41 06:55, 22 January 2008 (UTC)

2008-01-13 01:00 UTC : The Malton Response Team G successfully completed a coordinated attack against **LOCATION CLASSIFIED**. The **LOCATION CLASSIFIED** building was reclaimed from rotter control. There were initially 8 zeds inside and within minutes the MRTG crew was throwing the bodies outside, repairing the damaged building and restoring the barricades. --McGrude 01:29, 14 January 2008 (UTC)

MRTG has begun a second wave of it's targeted attack at the **LOCATION CLASSIFIED**. Although a few were still standing, the herd of rotters were systematically hunted and thinned. **LOCATION CLASSIFIED** may soon be free of current threat.--Firemedic41 02:44, 14 January 2008 (UTC)


The Malton Response Team G is a new survivor group that has a forward operating base currently out of Yagoton. The group has formed out of a previous UD group called LMB, as well as numerous other members of their gaming group that is organized at GeezerGamers.Com..

Starting in Yagoton in December of 2007, the group has seen its fairly large initial membership swell the population of Yagoton. The group's members range from Level 1 to 41. Some are learning the game, but outsiders may be surprised to learn the sheer numbers of MRTG's higher level characters. These numbers are currently undisclosed in an effort to discourage any PK'er groups from planning attacks on our younger players. Suffice it to say that MRTG is able to take care of itself.

Base of Operations

MRTG currently is operating out of Yagoton and fighting alongside other pro-survivor groups there. As of December 2007, they have taken over the **LOCATION CLASSIFIED** for their initial HQ, and also may be located within **LOCATION CLASSIFIED**. They have also recently taken control of **LOCATION CLASSIFIED** to further support the defense of Yagoton, as well as supporting the other pro-survivor players and groups in the area.

Accused of "Zerging"

On December 30th of 2007, the group became aware that there was spraypaintings on buildings in Yagoton that implied that MRTG was a "zerging" group. The argument appears to be that many members of our group have the tag "GG" at the end of their player/character name. While it's true that many of us do have "GG" at the end of our names, the accusation is a complete and utter falsity. With a quick glance at our members below, one would see that a vast majority of our group's members have the "GG" at the end of their name. Certainly if there was "zerging" occurring to this extent, the game's protective mechanisms against "zerging" would have kicked in.

We shouldn't need to explain this, but we will. The "GG" at the end of many of our names quickly identified many of us to each other when we began to join Urban Dead as members of the adult gaming website GeezerGamers.Com. This also allowed us to build our group lists efficiently, and help verify many of those who would ultimately use the Malton Response Team as their group affiliation. Simply put, "GG" means something to us and has absolutely no bearing on the UD game itself. Frankly, if we were to "zerg" characters, we wouldn't be stupid enough to name them alike.

Anyone who thinks that a single person could intentionally "zerg" this many UD characters (and flaunt it in front of the game's protections against it) just hasn't looked at it logically.

It is true that some of our members have multiple characters in UD, but every attempt is made to ensure that these characters are kept in separate suburbs (and whenever possible at an opposite end of Malton altogether) at all times.


Malton Response Team G focuses its efforts and resources on assisting its members and other survivors in Malton. It is not a PK, GK, or RK-er group. However, the Team can and will protect itself, its members, and its allies if necessary.

Membership in MRTG

Currently, membership into Malton Response Team G is restricted to members of GeezerGamers.Com..

Current MRTG Members


UD Profile | GeezerGamers.Com Profile

Current MRTG Leader Jester76 GG | jester76Current MRTG Ambsdr. FireMedic41 GG | FireMedic41Smokey GG | Smokey
Aronion | AronionbifercaturGG | bifercaturBigbuckool GG | Bigbuckool
c1pher GG | c1pherCyberKnight GG | CyberKnightcyniqk | cyniqk
DangerSlave GG | DangerSlaveDarth Minotaur GG | DarthDemonic Cadaver GG | Demonic Cadaver
Demonious | Demonic CadaverDeusExMathias | DeusExMathiaselvizFX GG | elvizFX
F1at1ined GG | F1at1inedFeebarn GG | FeebarnFett GG | fett_117
Fidman | FidmanFire Monk | MonkFurby of Doom GG | Justa_Fleshwound
Jax GG | Jax
jcbains | jcbainsKorbin D | theCREECHLil Bunny Fufu | kngtmre
Lil Bunny Fufu | kngtmreLLLAAADDDYYY GG | LadyLowR1der GG | LowR1der
LtDan247 | DanMcGrude | McGrudeN1t30wl | dragon92
OG Phatazz GG | OG Phatazz NZPhaze GG | PhazeZeroSquidgeyFlint | SquidgeyFlint
SUICIDAL SALLY | JunkyT4st3sL1k3Ch1ck3n | YukTitan 29 GG | t-ho
The Blokey | TheBlokeyvulgarpower GG | vulgarpowerWyzeguy GG | Wyzeguy719
PeoplesHero | PeoplesHero Krystalroze GG | SomeShadow Jr. (Geezer daughter)Papa Oneal | Papa_Oneal
Ukarumpa | Kawika  


MRTG is proud to ally with their friends The Abandoned, and The Yagoton Revivification Clinic (YRC). We also consider groups with existing alliances with The Abandoned and The Yagoton Revivification Clinic, to be our allies and friends as well.

On 01/07/2008, MRTG entered an alliance with FFR (Freedom Fighter Republic). Pro-survivor groups continue to band together in Yagoton.

January 29th, 2008, MRTG enters into an alliance with the DEM. The abilities, and resources of MRTG has taken a new turn. Zeds, PK'ers, and asshat griefers take heed.

MRTG Associates


UD Profile | GeezerGamers.Com Profile | UD Group Affiliation

bifercatur GG \|/ bifercatur \|/ noneFiremanBob \|/ McGrude \|/ LMB Fubar46 \|/ Yukon46 \|/ LMB
Marcus Fidelis \|/ Fidman \|/ none theCREECH \|/ theCREECH \|/ Geezer Zombie RevolutionYLLAS \|/ Junky \|/ none
Yukon46 \|/ Yukon46 \|/ LMBSweetZombieJezus \|/ DeusExMathias \|/ Geezer Zombie Revolution

MRTG ATF (Asshat Task Force)

The ATF has been organized to respond to all offenses committed against the MRTG or it's allies. The policies, procedures, and methods of MRTG ATF Hunters are not publicly disclosed. Hunters of the MRTG ATF utilize multiple sources of intel, and occasionally may "track" a target for days, weeks, or months to identify patterns of behavior, and maturity of the target. The MRTG ATF will only hunt those on the MRTG Most Wanted, and those that have been placed for bounty by our allies. Those who would flaunt their desire to make our list should know that they are being tracked, often by multiple Hunters. Your behaviors are documented. Your existence in Malton is scrutinized. To have a bounty collected against you is but a culmination of a long series of events, and is often not the end but a beginning.

The Hunt is where this darkness lives, and this is the path that you chose. We welcome the Prey.

MRTG Most Wanted

Character Name
Character Profile
Group AffiliationOffense# Avenged
Addi Copper
Weak Sauce Asshats-None ListedZombie Spy/GK'er (12/29/07)000
Albert Gazo
Bald Headed KingpinPK'd N1t30wl on 01/01/08000
Cho Seung Hui
HoWPK'ed Fidman (1/14/2008)004
Weak Sauce Asshats-None ListedSacred Ground Violation against Fidman (12/19/2007)000
Weak Sauce Asshats-None ListedPK'd Fire Monk (1/25/2008)006
Donathin Frye
Malton Emergency Medical ServicePK'd OG Phatazz GG and Lil Bunny Fufu (2/11/2008)001
Evil Goon
U.S. Army InfantryPK'd Jester GG /Accusation of zerging 12/20/07002
Leon Welford
Weak Sauce Asshats-None ListedPK'ed DeusExMathias (1/18/2008)001
Louise Panes
Red RumPK'd Cipher GG on 01/10/08000
Mister Vandermar
Immaculately Dressed KillersPK'ed Fidman 1/20/08000
Pathetic BilI
The PKer AlliancePK'ed Wyzeguy GG (1/14/2008)000
Pathetic BiII
The PKer AlliancePK'er alt, zerging000
resident evil007
Weak Sauce Asshats-None ListedPK'd Quick66 GG (1/29/2008)001
rotten zerg
"Poses" as The AbandonedDestroyed MRTG Generator in HQ (1/5/2007)001
Sgt Casias
Weak Sauce Asshats-None ListedPK'd N1t3owl (1/29/2008)000
Red RumPK'd Phazed, Darth Minotaur, and attacked Titan002
Weak Sauce Asshats-None Listed(an alt for SiIIyLillyPilIy)002
Weak Sauce Asshats-None ListedPK'ed Feebarn (12/20/2007)001
to talk
"Poses" as The Abandoned General Asshat/Brdcst Spammer/Griefer (12/2007-current)000
Wee Sonny MacGregor
The Covert Army of the Criminally InsanePK'ed Flatlined GG at St. Godric's Church (1/18/2008)003
Zombie Farmer
"Posing" as The FortressPK'd ally Rohndogg1 in front of MRTG 01/21/08001

MRTG Radio Frequency

MRTG has reserved 28.05 from the Radio/Frequency List for our internal use.