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Miller Library
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Miller Library

Old Arkham [12, 92]

St. Humphrey's Hospital the Baldwin Hotel Cobley Walk
Horditch Auto Repair Miller Library St. Neot's Church
Kelley Library the Durston Building Leman Boulevard

Basic Info:

  • Libraries have no internal descriptions.
  • Libraries can be barricaded normally.

Miller Library




Miller Library is named after James Miller. Miller was a keen member of The Great Northern Union set up in 1837. The union was fighting the hated poor law and wanted universal suffrage to achieve this. While The Great Northern Union was working for universal suffrage it was really a means to an end. Chartism has being described as a knife and fork question or a bread and cheese question. The Great Northern Union represented the workers of the mill towns and its aims were social and economical. This included food, shelter and fair wages. Miller Library was funded by Miller to help publish propaganda for the cause. Miller Library has many archives relating to the Chartism movement in the north of England as a result of its origins.

Miller Library is located on the campus of Miskatonic University and hosts the University's Arcane Studies Department. The Library contains many of the more obscure and old (and some say dangerous) volumes, including the Olaus Wormius 17th Century Latin translation of the Necronomicon, one of only 5 known extant copies of the book.

Current Status

Safe barricaded to extremely heavily barricaded

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