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Pitman Mansion
Pitman Mansion is safe and powered.
--KingJabbaDaButt (talk) 8 February 2022 (UTC)
Pitman Mansion - The Study

Welcome to Pitman Mansions Study.

The Study - Group Information page

The elegant mansion has been rapidly transformed into a Military Stronghold. It is advised that you enter with caution, and do not get in the soldiers way.

This Mansion is soon to become the British SAS: Operation Reco HQ. The Reconstruction force is headed by Colonel C Mitchell, CO of the 2nd SAS Division now CO of the Reconstruction force. It is recommended that survivors wanting to leave Malton make their way to the vicinity of this area to await arrival of evacuation forces. In a press conference before deployment into the "Zed Zone" Colonel Mitchell stated: "The British Defence Ministry has ordered that the safety of un-infected civilians be maintained at all costs. I have been appointed the CO of operation Recon, a mission to ensure that that statement holds true."

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