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You've probably seen a human kill another human in-game before. No matter what they say to defend themselves, this is considered Player Killing or PKing, something most citizens of Malton find highly illegal. This guide will help you to become a PKer and work alongside PKers without killing or being killed. If you see something wrong, feel free to drop a comment by my talk page.

Becoming a Player Killer

First, you need a base. Find a suburb that's either in the middle of a zombie siege, or a suburb with relatively no bounty-hunter groups. Keep in mind that you will be found, so always have a second suburb to run to. Once you've learned more, you may wish to join a Player Killer group in a suburb with lots of bounty-hunters, although for now, stick with the smaller targets. After that, you need gear. They are listed in order of most important to least important. Feel free to change this, as it's just a suggested inventory setup used for both RPing and PKing.

Suitable Clothes (personal choice, as some like to RP lunatics without clothes on)
A Description
At least Two First Aid Kits
Pistols (number is up to you) and however many clips you feel like carrying
Knife (not needed if you don't attack generators)
Radio (each suburb usually has it's own radio frequency, so just tune to whichever suburb you're in. Once people start broadcasting about you, it's time to head to that backup suburb until people calm down)
Flak Jacket (it's actually rare to see a PKer with a flak jacket, so this is just based on personal beliefs)
Mobile Phone
Shotguns (number is up to you) when searching for Pistol Clips, you also find shells for the shotgun, and it helps if you run out of Pistol Clips (something you should NEVER have happen, as the DPS [damage per shot is higher with Pistols])

Note that you can use an enemy's Radio Transmitter for feeding false information to a group and the Mobile Phone is for keeping in touch with allies.

Once you have suitable gear and a base, you need some enemies. Decide why you are fighting humans. Some PKers, like the Philosophe Knights, kill stupid people. Some, like Red Rum, kill large groups of people for seemingly no reason at all. Decide whether you want to kill, or to disrupt communications and search rates by taking out generators and radio transmitters. However, most PKers like to do a mix of both, so just make it up as you go for the first few days.

Once you have everything done, you finally need a building to hide in. It's a good idea to have a safehouse in a survivor suburb, and about five low-profile buildings to hide in in the suburb you're hunting in. Remember to change buildings daily, as someone may find you, but not have enough AP to finish you off and hide nearby. Also, try to get as many groups in your debt as possible. They will be less likely to hunt you down, and may give you a chance to escape if they find you.

And finally, you need a creed. Every PKer has some type of player they don't attack, be it level 1s, rotters, other PKers (Honor Among Thieves), or old group members. ALWAYS assume you have someone hunting you. If something doesn't feel right, it isn't. There are obvious traps, yes, but always assume everyone is against you. Those survivors who owe you and are 'working' for you? Maybe they just switched sides twenty minutes ago. You never know.

Working Alongside A Player Killer

The best way to survive with a PKer running around is to help them out. First, you need to find and contact them. You can do this by spraying graffiti telling them to turn their radio to a certain frequency, and every set amount of hours, broadcast a meeting point. Another way is sending them an in-game text, although, most of the time, cellphone towers are down, so this is more unlikely. And finally, the hardest way, you can search for them, and once you find them, tell them in person that you'd like to give them a hand.

Be ready to be met with several Pistol or Shotgun shots to the face. Most often, solo PKers are untrained PKers, meaning that they will shoot anyone on sight. However, if they agree to work alongside you, start by setting up a method of communication, be it radio or mobile phones. The best way to help them out would be to tell them who is following them, secretly or publicly, who is spraying the graffiti about them being PKers, and where they are. You should also give them a nearby safehouse, and if you're in a group, just tell everyone else that you can patrol that area.

Every PKer has their own needs and necessities, and they will let you know what they are in time. Eventually, if you decide to turn to becoming a full PKer yourself, they may even teach you some of their own tricks.

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