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Sociopath Apostles
Abbreviation: SAP
Group Numbers: Wouldn't You Like to Know?
Leadership: Rajko
Goals: Survival at all costs!
Recruitment Policy: You must do what it truly takes to survive
Contact: Go here:

The Sociopath Apostles

Some men arent looking for anything logical. They can't be bought, bullied, reasoned, or negotiated with. Some men, just want to watch the world burn. We are the Sociopath Apostles. We rise from the shadows to slaughter those who oppose us. We face our enemies and triumph no matter the cost, no matter the foe.

If you have a thirst for blood we can help you satisfy that thirst. If you have blood on your hands and can’t turn back we can offer you a place among us. If you seek revenge against those who have wronged you we can help you seek vengeance against them. Join us, give your life a true direction and help us conquer and kill those that appose us and our cause. Survive at all cost's.'

The Ranking System

Leader - Rajko

The Three Generals

   - General of Warfare- Unassigned
   - General of Politics- Unassigned
   - General of Health- Unassigned

Senior Officers

Each general has two senior officers to make sure all orders are carried out and to issue new orders from the general to the Junior Officers .

     General of Warfare's Officers
   - Senior Officer 1 to General of Warfare- Assigned
   - Senior Officer 2 to General of Warfare- Unassigned

   General of Politics' Officers
   - Senior Officer 1 to General of Politics - Unassigned
   - Senior Officer 2 to General of Politics - Unassigned

   General of Health's Officers

   - Senior Officer 1 to General of Health - Assigned
   - Senior Officer 2 to General of Health - Unassigned

    Junior Officers 

There are four Junior Officers , they lead the Enlisted personnel in the field and take orders from the senior officers.

   -Junior Officers - Assigned
   -Junior Officers - Assigned
   -Junior Officers - Unassigned
   -Junior Officers - Unassigned
  Enlisted Personnel 

Enlisted personnel are the main force of the Sociopath Apostles. These individuals are some of the most valued members of the group. They go out into the Field and do what it takes to get the job done.


The section of warfare in our military primarily governs battling, strikes against specified territory, and the physical aspects of group wars.

The section of politics in our military primarily governs conversation, information, alliances, threats, and other social aspects of our group that directly affect other groups.

The section of health in our military primarily governs keeping our soldiers at full health, human (meaning not a member of the undead), and generally promotes the well-being to keep on doing what we do best.


For those lower level player's among you if required the Sociopath Apostles will offer training until you reach a level that you are confident with, we will pair you up with one of our experienced individual's which will provide you with a safe place to sleep and help you gain Exp.

Special Ops

Special Ops pass the chain of command and report directly to the Leader Rajko. These battle-hardened soldiers are specialists in their given fields and are greatly valued among the Sociopath Apostle Ranks. As they are specialized units, only experienced players will be handpicked for these vital roles.


Diplomatic Ties


Columbine Kids




All classes as well as all levels of players are welcome because level does not always determine skill and experience. If you wish to join click the forum link above and register. --Skyvia 19:07, 13 October 2007 (BST)

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