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Soldiers Of Fortitude
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Abbreviation: SoF
Group Numbers: 25+
Leadership: SprCobra
Goals: Survival/Training n00bs
Recruitment Policy: Open
Contact: PM SprCobra on UD forums

Soldiers Of Fortitude is a group designed to help new players, help other players, and survive.

Some people think SoF is just an ACC subgroup, but it is in fact an individual group with its own base, we simpily help the ACC by training their new players.

Pkers should refrain from pking SoF members in the our base. Seven pkers have attacked SoF members, and they have all been hunted down and killed repeatedly (one time there was a war which resulted in the opposing force retreating from their base). Group or no group, pk SoF and SoF will pk back).

For further information see SoF recruitment thread on UD forums

Operations To Date

Made a secure base(Location classified)

Helped survivors at Caiger Mall.

Helped out at Dunnel Hills Police Department.

Fought against the Amish Liberation Front, resulting in at least seven deaths on each side.

Killed yet another pker who was either brave enough or stupid enough to open fire on SoF forces

Helped out at Caiger Mall again

Current Operations

Helping Dunnel Hills Police Department again.

Keeping the SoF base secure.

Moving to defend Giddings Mall and the surronding area


The SoF has three groups at it's back all three including SoF have a concentration of high level members. If you attack anyone in the SoF base, prepare to die. I do not think this peace is working sence people keep attacking the SoF.

I am getting annoyed. Is not a pk group being forcibly removed from our suburb not enough warning?! I might be bringing in re-enforcments. Bob Hart of ALF should stay dead and away from the SoF. SoF stormed the ALF base and caused many casulties after ALF killed two Officers. PEACE was made and I don't want to break it, but ALF are failing to keep their terms and SoF are begining to get very bored.

Before you may have gotten away with it but now, with continued attacks, it has become obvious that I'll have to remove you.

So unless you have over 20-25 maxed out members with full ammo who can kill quickly then run even faster then don't attack SoF. We may be a noob training group but that's not all we can do and training noobs doesn't mean that that is all we have in the base, does it?


The SoF have many skilled Officers/Instructors to help you through your first few levels. They are extremly skilled and experincend players. You will be provided with a secure base and protected by a skilled force of dedicated high levels during your training. You can stay in SoF as a base guard, soldier, officer/ instructor or retaliation forces soldiers if you wish. Base Guard- Guard the base from attack. Soldier- Goes on ops. and fights any enemy in the area. Officer/Instructor- Train noobs and help with more important things. Retaliton Forces Soldier-Sometimes our officers and our allies officers are assinated in our bases and this will not be tolerated. You will patrol and hunt for the enemy then then strike their base.

All of these positions offer great xp oppertunities.


SoF went inactive after a distubance involing PKing, ACC, DHPD and alot of misunderstanding. SoF will now be operating under a new name plus training will no longer be the main function of the SoF even though it never has been.

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