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How About Some Spiced Ham?

If you were sent to this page it means your idea (or somebody else's idea you were viewing) has been deemed spam. In Urban Dead's suggestion system, spam suggestions are those that were either patently ridiculous or which break one of the fundamental Game Assumptions. When your suggestion receives seven spam votes and they make up 2/3rds or more of the total votes on the suggestion, it is immediately sent to the Spammed suggestions page. You may try your suggestion again, but you must change it first to adhere to a higher standard of quality. Resubmitting the same spam over and over will result in a ban from the site. So if you still want to save this suggestion, read below.

My suggestion was unfairly removed!

A Sysop can if they so choose delete any suggestion with three or more Spams as long as Spams outnumber Keeps; this includes their own spam vote. Suggestions may not be removed as spam unless voting has been open for 6 hours.

Saving Spam

Most likely your idea was something that simply could not be implemented into the current game, was offensive, or completely imbalanced the opposing factions. Discuss this on the developing suggestions page and ask people to help you refine your idea into an acceptable suggestion. It might be better to simply let these ideas go, as the underlying concept is probably just too broken to work.

This was Unfairly Deleted!

If you think your idea was unfairly deleted, go defend it on the talk page. People are happy to debate your idea with you, and the wiki format will give you prompt feedback. Do not resubmit it over and over without discussing it first, this will only anger the people who will be voting on your suggestions make things worse for you. If you defend your suggestion, a Sysop will eventually come and clarify the situation. Try to use the talk page before going to them though. If every spammed suggestion got referred to them they would become cranky mods pretty fast.


Okay, so you think your idea is ready to be resubmitted?! Let's run through the checklist to make sure.

  • Did you read the Suggestions Dos and Do Nots page for guidelines?
  • Did you use the Suggestions Template? Suggestions that do not use this template may be deleted without warning by any user.
  • Did you read what kind of suggestions are approved, and which rejected?
  1. If your suggestion is a basic functionality improvement, it will probably be accepted.
  2. If your suggestion redresses existing balance concerns, it will also probably be accepted.
  3. If it makes characters, especially survivors, significantly more powerful, it will almost certainly be rejected.
  • Reading the Talk page is also highly recommended.

Good luck, and happy submitting.

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