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The Malton Special Olympics was a competition amongst participating zombie hordes beginning July 5th 2007 at 0:00GMT and ending August 1st 2007 at 0:00GMT

Malton Special Olympics

Conceived by newly elected Mayor of Malton Murray Jay Suskind as an extension of the Ridleybank Special Olympics held by the RRF a few months earlier. The goal was to make Malton a more dangerous place, and to include zombie groups from all over Malton.

Participating Hordes

  • Hordes entered

Hambargar Halparz
Killer Zombie Tomatoes
Militant Order of Barhah
The Minions of the Apocalypse
Ridleybank Resistance Front

  • Strike Teams / Subhordes entered

Auxunit 10
Bairn Barhah
The Department of Homeland Security
GMT Breakfast Club
Group 0
Gore Corps


  • Tracking of points was left to the individual hordes and was on the honor system, and was posted daily on barhah.com. However, much use was made of the Iwitness system to keep a record of scores made by individuals and groups.
  • Points were scored for the following actions:

2 Points for a kill
2 Points for a ransack
1 Point for taking down the barricades
1 Point for taking down a generator
1 Point for a feeding drag

The maximum points gained off one human was 2 points.

  • First, Second, and Third place were awarded for the following:

Overall Horde Points
Horde Efficiency
Strike Team

Award Winners

  • Final Score -- Overall Points

5th Place: Hambargar Halparz -- 151 Points
4th Place: Killer Zombie Tomatoes -- 217 Points
Bronze Medal: Minions of the Apocalypse -- 814 Points
Silver Medal: Militant Order of Barhah -- 1535 Points
Gold Medal: Ridleybank Resistance Front -- 2110 Points

  • Final Score -- Horde Efficiency

5th Place: Hambargar Halparz -- 6.3 points per member (151/24)
4th Place: Killer Zombie Tomatoes -- 10.9 points per member (217/20)
Bronzed Intestine Award Winner: Ridleybank Resistance Front -- 13.1 points per member (2110/161)
Silver Spine Award Winner: Militant Order of Barhah -- 18.1 points per member (1535/85)
Golden Brain Award Winner: Minions of the Apocalypse -- 23.3 points per member (814/35)

  • Final Score -- Strike Team/Subhorde

6th Place: Group 0 -- 82 Points
5th Place: Department of Homeland Security -- 166 Points
4th Place: Bairn Barhah -- 389 Points
Bronze Medal: GMT Breakfast Club -- 471 Points
Silver Medal: The Gore Corps -- 676 Points
Gold Medal: Auxunit 10 -- 715 Points