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Notable Events
  1. Players go On Strike during Stanstock, a zombie boost later results in the form of feeding groan.
  2. Some statistics undergo minor redefinitions on the stats page.
  3. Syringe Nerf. It now takes 10AP to use a syringe, up from 1AP.
  4. A zombie boost sees several new zombie skills.
  5. Another zombie boost along with other changes, resulting in more new skills.
  6. Official logging starts, stats page data is now captured every hour.
  7. Yahoomas occurs. An article about the game appears on Yahoo, resulting in a surge of new players.
  8. An update alters free running mechanics, and ruins now disrupt movement in the network.
  9. Zombies are boosted and now provide interference against barricading attempts, as well as other boons.
  10. The Dead make an appearance in Malton, and make a big impact on survivor and zombie numbers.
  11. Monroeville is locked down, and players return to Malton alts.
  12. Monroeville reopens for a brief period, and many Malton survivor characters idle out.
  13. Borehamwood opens, drawing players away from their Malton alts once again.
  14. Search rates are rumoured to be increased.
  15. Game update introducing survivor safehouses and zombie bellow.
  16. The Dead 2.0 return with another organized campaign of destruction throughout Malton.
  17. Dynamic search rates reach absurdly high levels with the high player imbalance.
  18. An automated sign up script creates 1500 throw-away survivor accounts.
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