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The Template Junkies
Abbreviation: TJ!
Group Numbers: 28!
Leadership: What is this "Leadership" you speak of?
Goals: To make templates! And use them!
Recruitment Policy: Sign the membership roster!
Contact: The Talk page!


We are The Template Junkies. We believe that templates are a fun and exciting way to express your opinion. As such, we encourage our members to make templates for purposes both of practicality and just because it's fun to do. We also encourage members to learn more about the wiki and how it works so they can become better wikizens. We often use exclimation marks, even when we don't really need to, just to show how excited we are! We also like to refer to ourselves in the plural. It makes us feel important.

A Template!

We have a template! Just put {{Junkie}} on your page to tell everyone that you're a Template Junkie!

Smiley.png Template Junkies!
This user is a Template Junkie!

How to Join!

To join the Template Junkies, you need to have made at least one template. Then you need to sign your name on the membership roster. But wait, you exclaim, I don't see a membership roster! Don't worry, it's down towards the bottom of the page.


Like any group, us Template Junkies have a few rules that must be followed.

1. Don't be a jerk Now in real life, at any moment of any day, unless you are in a high security prison you could walk up to any random person and punch them in the gut. Why don't people do that? Because we're not jerks, that's why. On the internet it is expected of you to do the same. Jerky behavior includes vandalism in all it's forms, insulting newbies for no good reason, acting like a noob when you know better, being an anorak about spelling and grammar, flaming other users, general trolling, and all that other stuff that people just shouldn't do. As a rule of thumb, if you were to walk up to a large man in the middle of a street and do any given thing to him (or the closes IRL equivilent to it), and doing so caused him to beat the living crap out of you, don't do it.

2. Try to keep calm Let's face it, wiki-drama doesn't do anybody any good. We know that people can get you mad, but when they do just take a minute and calm down. Remember, this is an online wiki dedicated to an online game. A game. Nothing more, nothing less. Nobody should be uncivil to others because of a game. Take it easy, it's not like any of this matters in real life. Just calm down.

3. Don't rip off others work It's not cool to steal somebody elses work. Just don't do that kind of stuff. It may at times be acceptable to use someone else's work as part of your own, but give credit where credit it due.

4. Try to make a template or two It's kind of what we do. If you don't know how to make templates, wait around a bit. Paradox is working on a template FAQ, so just hold on. If you have any specific questions, just post them on the discussion page.

5. Use templates Templates are a fun and exciting way to express yourself. You might want to put a few on your user page. If you don't have a user page, head over to Project Welcome. They'll get you straightened out.

Our Templates!

Click here to see the templates that members of The Template Junkies have made!

We ran out of space on the first page, so there are more here!

The second page is overloaded! Check the third page for new templates!!!


This is the member list. If you want to join, just put your name down here. Keep things in alphabetical order please.


If you are a Template Junkie, show it!

  1. Go to the Preferences page, accessible from the set of links at the top of the page (or alternately, by following this link: Special:Preferences.)
  2. Make sure you check the box labelled Raw signatures (without automatic link)
  3. In the field "Your nickname (for signatures)", put the following (replacing Your name with your user name):
    [[User:Your Name|Your Name]] <sup>'''[[TJ|TJ!]]'''</sup>
  4. Press Save Preferences.

This will make your signature look exactly like it normally does, except it will now have TJ! appended to the end of your name, with a link to this page. Of course, if you already have a customised signature, you can simply use the instructions here and your brain to meld your current signature with the TJ!.


Come and visit us some time. We're always making more templates.