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We ran out of space on the second page, so any new users should put their templates here!


Note: I've standardized all my templates. Templates aligned to the center are 500px wide, ones aligned to the left are 250px. Except the PKPC one. That was experimental. Some of my templates I don't use since they have been made for others. More.

--Secruss|Yak|Brahnz!|CGR|PKA|800px-Flag of the United States.svg.png|EMLN|Templates|RRF|RFTM|Crap|WHOZ|Evil3.gif|MU|GN|C2008|Chippy.gif|

Zombie bunny.jpg Extra Day of Death
This user or group leapt into March at Clapton Stadium and Pole Mall in West Grayside during the Leap Year Massacre of the PKA on February 29th, 2008.

{{Leapyear Bloodbath|This user or group}}

Benzin2hq9.gif Rebel Yell
This user or group resists the invader in the name of freedom.

Odds be damned! Wolverines!!!

{{Rebel|This user or group}}

214px-Jacksondk2.jpg Guitarist
Secruss shreds heavy, thrash, and death metal on a Jackson.

{{Guitar|Secruss shreds heavy, thrash, and death metal on a Jackson.}}

Mays.jpg Billy Mays

Billy Mays here with an amazing product!

But wait, there's more!

Here's how to order!

{{Billy Mays}}

Monroeville-duke.png Monroeville February 25th, 2008-???
This user or group struggles for existence in Monroeville.


Diablopentagram.gif Satanic
This user thinks that Ave is a satanist.

{{Satan|This user thinks that Ave is a satanist.}}

Popcorn.jpg Popcorn
This user enjoys the gentle company of smooth butter with exploded starch as it is distributed indiscriminately upon the masses.


Beholder-june.gif Like Use These Super Awesome Templates
Use my templates or be pestered by flying pumpkins from hell!!!

{{UseMyTemplates|The Template Junkies/Templates We made 2#Secruss}}


Pinkhair1.jpg CRAZY HAIR
This user has dyed their hair pink.


Maddoxbook.gif The Best Page In The Universe
This user acknowledges Maddox as the paragon of manliness.

{{TheBestPageInTheUniverse|This user}}

Scarface al pacino.jpg Scarface
You wanna play games? Okay, I'll play with you. You wanna play rough? Okay! Say hello to my little friend!


Highlander.jpg Monogamous
This user has only one, single, lone character in Malton.

Alts and zergs are for pansies.


GE infantry.gif Wehrmacht
This user is a member of the SS and will happily liquidate your opponents in the name of the Fatherland.

{{Wehrmacht|This user}}

Ejército Maltano de Liberación Nacional

Base Camp - History - Volunteer - Constitution - Propaganda - Forums


Emln.png Malton Army of National Liberation
This user believes in a Malton free of oppression and eveloped in freedom. Obliterate the corrupt goverment pigs!

{{EMLN||This user}}

Emot-suicide.gif End It All
This user wants to quit UD and leave the stupidity, but is very, heavily addicted.


Metallica ride.jpg /METALLICA\
This user loves Metallica.

{{Metallica|This user}}

CCR.jpg Creedence Clearwater Revival
This user loves Creedence Clearwater Revival.

{{CCR|This user}}

OS infantry Final.gif Hunter, Killer, Raider, Guerrilla, Soldier
Secruss is a guerrilla that hunts and kills the occupation's lackeys in order to secure freedom and liberty.


Johnmccain healthyasazombie.jpg Th rockin.gifJohn McCain: Our 44th PresidentHeadbang.gif
Domodance.gifThis voter is totally voting for McCain.Laughingnoble.gif

{{PresidentMcCain|This voter}}

Dulston Alliance Banner.jpg Member of the Dulston Alliance
This user is a member of the Dulston Alliance and shall protect the Northeast from all manner of invaders.

{{DABig|This user}}

Metalfox.PNG Metal Fox
This user is a member of Metal Fox.

{{MetalFox|This user}}

Jesuswasntblack.jpg Jesus Was White
This user believes that Jesus was an Aryan.


Blackjesus.jpg Jesus Was Black
This user believes that Jesus was a brother.


ChineseJesus.jpg Jesus Was Asian
This user believes that Jesus was from the far East.


Jew-jitsu.jpg Jesus Was Jewish
This user believes that Jesus was most likely Jewish.

Why? Because both his parents were Jews.


Fatdinosaur2.jpg Fat Dinosaurs
It was fast food that killed the dinos!


Pulp fiction.jpg Unholy Alliance
"We should be fucking dead, my friend."


Cat.jpg Cats
This user can make flagboxes.

{{Flagbox Tutorial}}

Creedy Guerrilla Raiders

The Front - History - Volunteer - Propaganda - FAQ - Forums


Www brickshelf com gallery mattcorp Kingdom-Of-Heaven Crusader-Figs dsci0011 jpg SPLASH.jpg The First Crusade
This user or group is involved in the First Crusade to free the Holy Land from the infidel heathens and will be going on a pilgrimage into a suburb near you.

{{Crusade '08}}

Uprising.JPG Seeds Of Rebellion
This user or group had a hand in the Malton Uprising and overthrew the chafing yoke of the DEM oppressors.

{{MaltonUprising|This user or group}}

Slayer logo.jpg Slayer
Raining blood

From a lacerated sky

Bleeding its horror

Creating my structure

Now I shall reign in blood!


Mengele.jpg Josef Mengele
Angel of Death

Monarch to the kingdom of the dead

Sadistic, surgeon of demise

Sadist of the noblest blood

{{Angel of Death}}

Amongthelivinggt7.jpg Anthrax
Can't stand it for another day

I ain't gonna live my life this way

Cold sweat, my fists are clenching

Stomp, stomp, stomp, the idiot convention


Palin.jpg Sarah Palin for President in 2012
This user believes that Sarah Palin should run for President in 2012.


Imp.gif DOOM
Remember to tell your grandkids to put a rocket launcher in your coffin. If you go to Hell when you die, you’ll need it for some final cleaning-up.


Octagram.jpg Octogram
60% more evil than the average pentagram.

Preorder your very own today!!!


Andjusticeforall.jpg ...And Justice For All
"All that is necessary for the triumph of evil is that good men do nothing." -Edmund Burke

"Evil unchecked grows, evil tolerated poisons the whole system." -Jawaharlal Nehru

{{And Justice For All}}

VXnerveagent.png Nerve Agent: VX
Lethal Dose: 6-10mg


DonKing.jpg Don King
"Only in America."

"Thank god for money."



Evil sockpuppet.jpg Death to the Sockpuppets!
This user thinks all sockpuppets are inherently evil, and that they should be killed with fire.


{{BadSockpuppet|Name=your name}}


Speed loader.jpg COULD YOU STOP USING 12 PISTOLS?!
Why do people underestimate the power of Ammo? Having 20 clips/shells in their inventory is more efficient than carrying all those guns.



Ralph Nader (1).png Liberal Independent
This user is a liberal independent.

{{LiberalIndependent|your name}}

BookE.png Book of Thoth
This user is currently searching for the legendary Book of Thoth. If it is found, please contact User:Unasslayerofthegods

{{Book of Thoth|your name}}

Four Zombies In One

4zio avvy.gif Ohlook
<insert distraction>

{{4zioHey|<insert distraction>}}


Mad Scientist.png Mad Science!
This user is a NecroTechnician gone mad, laughing manically while creating revivification serum, as well as other pharmaceutically dubious concoctions.