The Naughty Zombie Gods

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The Naughty Zombie Gods
Awesome picture is coming soon!
Abbreviation: Abbreviation?! What the hell is that?
Group Numbers: OMG! We made it to the stats page Errrrr, it wasn't us that broked it, was it? Anyway, membership varies depending on whehter we're paying attention or not!
Leadership: The hell with leaders! We love anarchy!
Recruitment Policy: You have to have an awesome sense of humour. For a zombie.
Contact: Talk to us

Groups in The Naughty Zombie Gods

The Naughty Zombie Gods are an awesome zombie movement. We move... err.. to brainz! And vodka! And fun!
Did I mention how awesome we are?

The Beginning

The Naughty Zombie Gods started on September 30th, 2007 when FERocious Undead and The Laughing Dead decided to hang around together.

God forsaken suburb of Pashenton was chosen as our new playground. Let God have mercy on those poor bastards that happen to be there.

Where we are now

Most of the Naughty Zombie Gods are on a Barhah pilgrimage with the Big Bash.

What we are up to

We will look for Food, have fun, and try to find Vodka! We will look inside buildings and Food for the Vodka. The Food sometimes hides things. Like Food.

And Vodka.

And the Generators still lie.

*mumble* What was that? *whisper* I'm waffling? Ok I'll shut up now...

Naughty Zombie Gods Need You

Are you a zombie? Do you have an awesome sense of humor? Then why are you still not with The Naughty Zombie Gods? Join us now and have great good fun!

Naughty Zombie Gods

  • Assunta is the Goddess of Smartassness.
  • Diana Rubin is the Goddess of Juggernaut-Bitchiness.
  • Ginormous is the God of Zambah-Dancing.
  • Hentemann is the God of Putting-Things-in-Columns-and-Rows. (He is also referred to as Dahg. Or Lord Dahg if you really like!)
  • Ul'yanov V I is the God of Communism.
  • Blackenning Sheet is the God of Erotic-Nightmares.
  • Ansk is the God of Bloody-Laugh.
  • Bone Snapper is the God of Codpieces-and-Granny-Panties, and, oh yes, War.
  • Mall Brat Lola is the Goddess of, y'know, like, Shopping and stuff, right?
  • Baldz is the God of Fatal-Slap-Fighting.
  • Alphonso Belechert is the God of Junk-food-and-Grease.
  • Cool Puppy is the God of Receiving-Belly-Rubs. *wags*

Policy Support

We strongly oppose zerging.

As for everything else that is allowed by the rules - we do it all. If we are combat-revived we will spy on survivors, destroy generators and radio transmitters. Some of us, but not all, will even kill survivors (including innocent bystanders) and do other nasty things. We did say we were naughty zombie gods!