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These are targets that we were not contracted to kill but felt obliged too do so anyway.

Revenge Kills

Total: 5

User Name Times Killed Date
GomerPyle41 2 October 24th & 26th 2007
SillyLillyPilly 1 November 1st 2007
Ashley Welford 2 December 19th & 20th 2007


The Dribbling Beavers

Total: 6

User Name Times Killed Date
Aquila Ung 2 June 28th 2007
Jack MacAllister 1 June 30th 2007
captainsammitch 1 June 4th 2007
NECROSTALKER5 1 June 6th 2007
kowpow 1 June 7th 2007


October Tynte Mall NE Corner Massacre

3:50PM GMT 18th October 07

Shouldn't have stopped us getting into the Liquor store...

NE corner of Tynte Mall After the Attack

Total Victims: 6

User Names
Zombie Rasta
Steel The Stoic
a homo bookshelf
Fireman Earl

Random Attacks

Total: 5

User Name Times Killed Date
VoltronX 1 June 28th 2007
Teddy Tucker 1 October 3rd 2007
Ewan McStarley 1 November 9th 2007
Negatiivari 1 January 4th 2008
Jim Abbey 1 February 17th 2008
Wyzeguy6 1 February 19th 2008

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