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Memories of Life

In-Game Description: Zombie is able to open doors to buildings.

Details: Memories of Life

Skills » Zombie Skills » Memories of Life


Memories of Life

Memories of Life is a zombie skill available immediately within the skills tree.

A Zombie with this skill is able to open the doors of buildings.

Like all zombie skills it costs 100 XP

The problem with doors

Most buildings in Malton have doors. As such they cannot be entered by a zombie without memories of life, unless another zombie has already opened them.

The following buildings have no doors and can be entered freely.

A zombie WITHOUT this skill

Other information

Survivors are unable to open doors even if they possess the Memories of Life skill.

Zombies are unable to open doors while inside a building. They must leave and re-enter (spending 2 AP) to leave the door ajar behind them.

Zombies can only open doors when the barricades are completely removed.

Memories of life is a skill that much be purchased before a zombie can buy Death Rattle, Feeding Groan, Ransack or Flailing Gesture.

The development of doors

The history of doors in Urban Dead can be found here.

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