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Department of Defense/Malton Police Department, July 3rd, 2005


Department of Defense/Malton Police Department, July 3rd, 2005,

$25,000,000 Reward!
(Will be paid by these departments for his apprehension, in addition to any reward offered by Municipal Authorities or State Executives.)

Mass Murderer!

LIBERAL REWARDS will be paid for any information that shall conduce to the arrest of either of the above- named criminals, or their accomplices.

   All persons harboring or secreting the said persons, or either of them, or aiding or assisting their concealment or 
   escape, will be treated as accomplices in the murders provided and shall be subject to trial before a Military Commission 
   and the punishment of DEATH. 

Let the stain of innocent blood be removed from the land by the arrest and punishment of murderers. All good citizens ae exhorted to aid public justice on this occasion. Every man should consider his own conscience charged with this solemn duty, and rest neither night nor day until it be accomplished.

Sherlock Holmes, Secretary of National Defense.

  Description.- Civil Death (given name unknown)  is 5 Feet 8 or 9 inches high, slender build, dark hair, hazel eyes; no beard.
  Would weigh 130 or 135 pounds. Complexion rather pale and clear, with color in his cheeks. Wore light clothes of fine quality. 
  Shoulders square; cheek bones rather prominent; chin narrow; ears projecting at the middle, forehead rather low and 
  square, but broad. Parts his hair in the middle; neck rather long. His lips are firmly set. A slim man.           

NOTICE- In Addition to the above, State and other authorities have offered rewards amounting to almost 50 million dollars, making an aggregate of about 100 MILLION DOLLARS.


Civil Death's left hand has the condition called mid ray duplication polydactyly, i.e. a duplicated middle finger. He performed plastic surgery on his own face on several occasions, and has removed his extra digit. He is known for disguise and his creativity in eluding authorities.

In August of 2003, he was captured atAlner Mansion inRoachtown where he was found torturing, lobotomizing and cannibalizing CEO head of the Malton mental health group Bill Morals.

On July 3rd of 2005 during the "Malton Incident" Civil Death was supposed to attend lethal injection (with MRSA) for his convictions atVeal Lane Police Department inRoachtown which did not proceed accordingly. He had a bad reaction to the drug administered which caused him to frenzy and break free from his restraints while killing several guards and doctors in the process. We suspect Civil Death to have answers to the outbreak and it is imperative that we find him.

Before he was incarcerated "CiviL" was a registered psychiatrist at Silverius General Hospital in Rolt Heights and is known to "trick" others into aiding his schemes. Beware because he is very manipulative and violent.


He has been involved in over 100 cases of Murder (that are known) among

-Motor vehicle theft 
-Aggravated assault
-Attempt of murder
-Disorderly conduct
-Driving under the influence
-Drug law violations
-Forgery and counterfeiting
-Weapons (e.g., unlawful carrying of)
-Uttering death threats