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Death is Impermanent. Is Murder Still A Crime?
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Abbreviation DT
Group Philosophe Knights.
Profile [Undisclosed]
Goals To spread the word against Ignorance and Enlighten the people of Malton as to the work of the Philosophe Knights
Recruitment Policy For future Philosophe Knights
Contact Contact
Rank Philosophe

Tidbits of DT's life.

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  • His achievments
  • Things he is in favor of
  • Maybe even Templates - if they have style

MCMSeal.gif Malton College of Medicine
This user was a prestigious guest lecturer at Malton College of Medicine.

A Day in the life of Professor DT, Authored by SM

Here they come again. Professor DT could hear the yelling outside coming closer. Inwardly he sighed, because he originally planned to reside in this NT building in order to take a break from dodging the undead and patching people up. He was looking forward to an easy day of reading and relieving the storage boxes of syringes, but it seems the zombies had different plans. The nearby buildings were already showing a large increase of wounded refugees. Indeed the mall as fallen…again.

As expected, the influx of refugees soon diluted the supporting staff. The Professor, who was at first checking his map for the nearest library, was finally convinced to stay and help by another insistent doctor. Briefly he contemplated changing his wardrobe every now and then so that his medical experience wouldn’t be so easy to pick out from a crowd.

He approached the makeshift infirmary that just moments before was nothing more than an office. His thoughts traveled from his wardrobe to the lack of proper supplies for this sort of thing. There was quite a list of missing materials: properly sterilized equipment, anesthetic, better lighting, clean water to able to be spare for washing instead of drinking…

Few people noticed the assassin come in, and if there were any, Professor DT wasn’t one of them. He was dressed in the fashion of aristocracy, an odd sight in the rubble that is Malton. A top hat covered his soft black hair, which in turn partially obscured a face that looked to be of mixed European and Asian heritage. The blood stains and rips in his clothing did not subtract from his confident and perhaps even arrogant stride. However, as he sauntered his way past, the Professor caught the faint scent of opium. As if the scent itself gave the doctor’s thoughts a jumpstart, he turned and grabbed the stranger’s tailcoat, his words stuck in his throat while he contemplated what to call this man.

Immediately the assassin grabbed the front of Professor DT’s coat and shoved the muzzle of a pistol at his torso. Professor DT had the uncomfortable feeling he saw this person somewhere before. Green eyes tinted with gold regarded the masked man carefully. The gaze traveled up and down, noticing that the Professor carried no weapon except what sharp objects his profession expected. “A doctor,” the assassin muttered, most likely to himself. He released the Professor and the gun disappeared into the pockets of the tailcoat. “What do you want?”

Spared the trouble of addressing the man, Professor DT made his request. “I thought I caught the scent of opium. Might you inform me where—“

The aristocrat laughed before the doctor finished his sentence. “If one has enough money and know the wrong sort of people, one might find such things easier to come by. Some dealers find the quarantine beneficial to business. I think I know what you want from it though. Here, you may have this as an apology because I cannot tell you who to get it from.” He gave the Professor a small box. While the recipient opened it to examine its contents, the aristocrat added, “Just be mindful of how you use it. Opium is not the same as just morphine.”

Professor DT closed the box and put it in his pockets. “Thank you,” he said after a length of silence. “I will put it to good use. Though, why help me so readily?” The assassin blinked. “I mean, why answer an unusual request so easily? Surely such commodities don’t come easily even to resourceful men like you.”

“I was once a doctor much like yourself. I had youth and nimble fingers on my side, as well as a strong tendency towards vengeance.” He smirked, a smile that was both innocent and devilish at the same time. “Once you start killing, there’s no going back. It was a selfish motivation that persuaded me to help you; maybe I get some sense of self redemption if I aid you in saving others while I myself cannot turn back from a murderer’s path.”

Professor DT wondered if this stranger would say the same thing if he knew who he saved his syringes for. Then he remembered where he saw the assassin. He recalled the shadow of a figure and the odd colored eyes shining from behind dark bangs. One of SM’s associates, he was, in which case Professor DT’s white mask left no question as to who owned his loyalty. The assassin, however, seemed not to mind.

“Let your life be measured by the lives you save instead of the blood you spill.” The assassin pulled the brim of his hat lower over his eyes and walked off to the back of the building. Professor DT didn’t see when he left the building, but he was gone by the time the Professor finished his tasks and had the time to look. There was only a fresh corpse, which the Professor dumped without a thought.

An Explanation of the Umbrella Situation, by DM
When asked by fellow Knights what on Earth was going on with Shearbank's population, DM resorted to performance art to effectively convey the situation. It was remarked afterwards by other Knights that the performance was very informative, and that they would go back to see it again sometime.
(Errors in the written dialogue are intentional.)

"Well, from what I read...this is what seems to be the case..."

  • *gets his finger puppets*

Puppet 1: Your fired mister H! You are no longer in the Puppet Club!

Puppet 2: OH NOEZ! I'll make my own group!

Puppet 1: what what? You cant do that I hate you now, and am going to write scandal pages on you.

Puppet 2: Oh yeah? well my group is gonna be the better Puppet Club. PBCS! Besides you zerg, and I am going to do wiki dramaz and write scandal pages tooooooo!

Puppet 1: we are at war FOREVAR.

  • *DM begins to slam his hands together making explosion sounds*

Archduke DΠis asked to settle a bet.
Bounty Hunting couple Angel Wolf and Noelani Kiele of H.A. asked Archduke DΠto determine whether or not Angel Wolf was an attractive man. Professor DT was called as an expert witness.

You are inside Pennecard Bank. The vault lies open, its contents either looted or transferred. With the lights out, you can hardly see anything. The building has been extremely heavily barricaded. Also here are Angel Wolf and Noelani Kiele.

Since your last turn:

A flare was fired 8 blocks to the east and 9 blocks to the south. (exactly 1 hour ago)
•Angel Wolf said "AAAAAAAHHH! A PKER!!!!! I WEEL KEEEEEL YOU AND TAKE YUR HARE!!!" (12 minutes ago)
•Angel Wolf said "Tell me honestly, mon ami... do you think I am sexy? (leans forward, bats his eyes) I am trying to win an arguement. Do you?" (5 minutes ago)
•Noelani Kiele said "As I told you on the walk over here, A, you've lost. And if you plan to keep losing I'll just shoot you. Or worse. When he's had to carry the stick to beat the women off you, he gets to decide. Till then, I win. You lose." (3 minutes ago)
•Angel Wolf said "AAAH! *shushes lani* You are trying to skew the results! He may say yes because he is afraid of you! We must have an unbiased opinion!" (3 minutes ago)
•Noelani Kiele said "You should know better than to argue with me." (3 minutes ago)
•Angel Wolf said "OW!!! STOP BITING ME!!! Next thing you know you will cosplaying me like one of those sweaty cosplay girls! We all know YOU are insane, but the question it, is HE insane? I am not sexy. I am just well put together, oui?" (1 minute ago)
•Angel Wolf said "I mean I am NO Empathetic Bill... *sniff* ... I wish he replied to my friend requests. We could make Farmville rock." (1 minute ago)
•Angel Wolf said "I am crazy and I am proud of it! Only a crazy person could hang with you, and I do that just barely. And I am as sexy as Ned Beatty in a thong. He will confirm this fact. Then I will cry. And you will comfort me. See? It all works out in the end!" (22 seconds ago)
•Noelani Kiele said "I haven't seen Ned in a thong and I don't need to. I have awesamazing pics of you in a thong selling on Ebay. When the quarantine ends I'm going to be one rich bitch." (34 seconds ago)
•Angel Wolf said "Well? *grabs Duke D'oevere by his lapels and shakes him* AM I SEXY OR NOT?!?! TELL HER I AM NOT!!!!" (16 seconds ago)

You say "While I am certain, m'sieur, that your brash charms appeal to the young ladies - and the not-so-young ladies - I am afraid that I am not a lady of any kind. I might employ you to clean my pool, labour in my fields, pour my drinks, or amuse my mistresses…"
You say "(While they think me unknowing, of course), but I find you no more attractive than any well-trained ape. Which is to say, not at all."

•Angel Wolf said "See? He is not interested and neither am I!!!" (1 minute ago)
•Angel Wolf said "I WIN!!!" (1 minute ago)
•Noelani Kiele said "How do you win? I said you had to ask a lady or a gay man. He is neither, which was just clearly stated to you. So, breaking it down for you into tiny words, I still win." (46 seconds ago)
•Angel Wolf said "(is busy doing the little winner dance, which doesn't resemble the little weiner dance as performed by certain Germans on Octoberfest) WOOOP WOOP!!!" (1 minute ago)

You say "I believe the good Doctor Professor 'DT' might, erm, 'bat for the other team'? (Is that how you say it?) should you be after a considered opinion from someone of the more Greek inclination. I can ask him, if you wish?"

•Angel Wolf said "ASK HIM!!! ASK HIM!!! ASK HIM!!! *chants repeatedly* Ask him if I'm sexy!!! He can be the ultimate arbiter!!!" (36 seconds ago)
•Noelani Kiele said "...DT? Huh.My vibedar is busted" (2 minutes ago)

You say "Very well, I shall consult the good Professor." He flips out an outmoded but well-kept-up satellite phone and punches a quick message before vanishing it back into the folds of his coat."

•Noelani Kiele said "...I'm not sure DT is right for that particular question." (1 minute ago)

You say "...His coat vibrates slightly, and he reaches in to check his phone again, frowning slightly. "Ah. The good Professor says that, as he has not met you in person, he would have to do so..."
You say "... and, quote, 'inspect him up close. possibly have carnal relations. you know, to be sure.' End quote." He holds the phone distastefully, and returns it quickly to his pocket. "Does that, ah, answer your question?"

•Noelani Kiele said "You realize I can't unhear that, right? I can never go back. Not ever. To before that. This is the Dr. Tom DT is it not? My vibedar is beyond broken. I'm getting another. It's useless." (15 seconds ago)

You say "'Dr Tom', as you call him, is a consummate professional doctor and diplomat. *Consummate*. And he will do *whatever* it takes to, ah, *consummate* a deal, exchange, or negotiation. Did you wonder how he held so much power? Wonder no longer."

Quotes Of A Most Humorous and Entertaining Nature

"...much like the Philosophe Knights, who really did change the way the game is played. --Paddy DignamIS DEAD 16:17, 28 October 2009 (UTC)"

Regarding the Sith of November: Order 66:
"...which survivor leader are you most interested in congratulating for their political performance? -MHSstaff 01:23, 8 November 2012 (UTC)"

"That would be none other than DT. His role during, and more importantly after the (sorry, it's sometimes hard to get that word out these past few days). His role during the events of these last 4 days has been vital. He is peerless in his dedication to educating his fellow survivors in these difficult times. The man deserves an award. ~Vsig.png 02:02, 8 November 2012 (UTC)"

Radio Messages


Policies supported by the Philosophe Knights and DT


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