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If You Do Not Think Before You Speak, Are You?


You made me report myself :(

I feel all guilty inside now. I promise not to tell anyone about the oatmeal again. --Karloth Vois ¯\(°_o)/¯ 23:25, 7 December 2009 (UTC)

Re: Philosophes are not all bad

Cross-posted from User talk:Fifth Element

Psst, hey Rev! How about you come join us up here? Try your hand at murdering zombies...I know it's not the way the game is supposed to be played, but it's kind of fun. —DTPraise KnowledgePK 03:48, 11 November 2008 (UTC)

Sorry, DT, but I suspect you would disagree quite thoroughly with my survivor's attitude to knowledge. Oh, and by the by, it's Miss Element – she is quite definitely of the female persuasion. ;) ᚱᛖᚢᛖᚾᚨᚾ 04:52, 11 November 2008 (UTC)

Hrrm... I do have a character in the area, actually, but he's violently opposed to shooting zombies. He's quite a fan of incandescent devices and needles, however, and wouldn't be opposed to giving you guys a hand. ᚱᛖᚢᛖᚾᚨᚾ 05:44, 11 November 2008 (UTC)

DAMN! YOU'RE ONTO U— I mean, I know nothing. ;) ᚱᛖᚢᛖᚾᚨᚾ 22:02, 11 November 2008 (UTC)


Tom1504, that was vandalism? He told me he had permission to muck about with it, I figured benefit of the doubt. Explain?-- dǝǝɥs ɯɐds: sʎɐʍ1ɐ! 00:37, 4 November 2008 (UTC)

Ah, okay. Well, should I find out it's not or is vandalism, I'll be sure to let you know. For now, I'm just letting it go.-- dǝǝɥs ɯɐds: sʎɐʍ1ɐ! 11:18, 4 November 2008 (UTC)


it is still has the potential to be active So by your thinking, you even admit that it is not open, as it is not active and only under consideration. -S Aline 21:13, 25 September 2008 (BST)

First of all, learn how to link on a wiki page. Second, last time I checked "under consideration" doesn't mean it's in progress/open. Kthxbye. -S Aline 07:34, 25 September 2008 (BST)

PKOC Notifications Go...HERE!

Who would ever care enough to discuss DT, anyway?

Upset that I graffittied over your own tag?

Angry that I encouraged others not to heal you due to your ignorance?

Wondering just who I think I am, anyway?

Ask, and you shall receive!

Huey Told Me To Tell You

(Alternate Title: "I'm Too Lazy To Change My Sig Right Now")

Clever adaptation of Mark Antony's speech from Julius Caesar, I must say, although it brings back a few bad memories from English class... --Specialist290 20:15, 30 March 2007 (BST)

Just remember two pieces of advice: "You can't keep a good man down," and "Don't kill your chances" ;)

(And Huey's a zombie candidate, so he doesn't mind getting killed at the end of his speeches.)

(Finally, according to the books I've read, Huey Long made FDR's election possible! ;) ) --Specialist290 04:08, 31 March 2007 (BST)

Seeking a Discussion of the Philosophe Knights' goals? Look no further.

DT will explain, with logic honed to the point of piercing even YOUR skull, the reasoning behind the Philosophe Knights'
 quest to punish ignorants for the greater good of Malton.


Everything unrelated.

Philosophe Knights & the DEM

I was happy to see your reply on my talk page. First let me say sorry for being unclear in my post on the PK talk page. I was just reading through it and the comments made by you regarding why the PK was at war with the DEM. It seemed to me your complaints could easily be fixed with a little effort on my part. Firstly your complaint of the DEM designating Schools as entry points seemed to me something that I could perhaps discuss with the various DEM member groups about and perhaps change our stance on it. Simply put the DEM supports the UBP in most situations where there isn't already a barricade policy in effect. We really only use it as a default when a better one isn't already in place. This helps us make our newer members more effective when barricading out the zombies in any given suburb without them having to be strategic experts.

In any event there's prolly some wiggle room there for us to come to some sort of agreement on the subject. Now I'm not sure if this(UBP policy) is the only complaint you have against the DEM or not. I was hoping that perhaps if we (the DEM) were to make an arrangement for a more "school friendly" policy re: barricades that perhaps you (the PK) would consider standing down from a "WAR" status against us. IE taking down the antagonistic DEM stuff and other references to war with the DEM from your wiki, as well as in game killing of our members. Further if this is something that you guys would like to pursue I would be willing to speak with the Malton Marshal head honcho about the DEM not claiming bounties on PK members as an added bonus.

If there are further complaint I'd be more than willing to discuss them with you as well. It just seemed to me, after reading the reasons why you are at war with us, that perhaps something could be done, finally, to fix the situation.

Also I'm not sure how you prefer to carry out a conversation on the wiki. Like we are doing now (going back and forth between talk pages) or just sticking with one talk page (either mine or yours) to have out discussion. Which ever you prefer just let me know.--Kristi of the Dead 08:17, 11 February 2008 (UTC)

clan nobody

wow they are asking for it. check out the talk page for the tour. this is going to be funny. 9 noobs taking on 20+ highlevel players.... hope you guys join us for a few drinks.----Sexualharrison ה QSGTStarofdavid2.png Boobs.gif 18:20, 17 August 2007 (BST)

I am responding right now, actually. The Knights encountered a similar situation with Clan Nosferatu, a group of similar numbers to Clan Hometwig in Lamport Hills, where the Knights hold court in Southall Mansion. Like Clan Nosferatu, Clan Hometwig is a newer group, eager to make a name for themselves, and are not yet aware that mobile groups such as a benevolent PK group or an equal-opportunity group in their area is really not a threat to their personal safety. They are like male kittens, strutting around in their 'territory', encountering a large, adult tomcat, and hissing and growling at it. They lack experience - be patient with them, for they are just getting used to being a clan with enough members to be on the stats page. They will grow more comfortable with time. Don't be too aggressive. Leave that to the nasty ol' PK group... -- DT 18:32, 17 August 2007 (BST)


I have an offer for you Tom. Email me ( for an elaboration. You may have noticed me in the Quartly. Citizen Adrien 17:08, 17 December 2007 (UTC)

Christmas Fun

We are flattered by your delicate invitation Sir but we are however also prodigiously lazy and none of us seems to be capable of registering in the PKA forum. So here I am, asking you to kindly send me an electronic mail to Warm regards, your Kill Deus257 hunting club. --the wallaby 03:05, 21 December 2007 (UTC)


Got your message. I've been a bit inactive lately, but the Angels have been working on a special little project lately, a bit off the radar at least for now. I'll be back after the first of the year, and the other Angels will be around. --Aom 15:39, 22 December 2007 (UTC)

Thanks for the comment. Basically i want to join PK, but even though i have registered on the website i have recieved no confirmation e-mail, which would activate my account, which means i cannot gain full access to the site and state that i want to join. Is there anyway of getting round this/how would you recommend i proceed? -do you have the ability/power(?) to make me a member or is there anything else that i need to do?--Irounds 17:18, 20 May 2008 (BST)

A sesitive matter

I can send a scout, the rendezvous will be [St. Maximillians] in Lamport Hills. In aproximately three days time (span of the 20th & 21st). If it is a more urgent matter, you can contact me imidiately via -- Jack S13 T! PC 18:22, 18 August 2008 (BST)

our scout should be on his way soon. can you provide anymore details about your plans? --Jack S13 T! PC 05:10, 19 August 2008 (BST)
I've only recieved one email. no specific details. a number of our members a very interested, and anxious for details --Jack S13 T! PC 14:20, 19 August 2008 (BST)
My scout was at the arrainged place at the arrainged time. after waiting for three days he had not been contacted. quick question... where did you hear about or see S13 in the first place? ---Jack S13 T! PC 20:06, 2 September 2008 (BST)

Radio Enlightenment?

I reverted your edit to the Radio page because I could find no evidence to back up your claim that 27.98 belongs to PK/PKA... It is, in fact, claimed by Those Dudes, who are still active. And whom I'd assume use their radio station. I could find no reference at all to your group claiming the station through the normal process. If there has been some error on my part, I am sure you'll clear it up and re-post with the correct information. Thank you for your time. --WanYao 17:39, 31 August 2008 (BST)

replied on my own Talk page, if you're interested. --WanYao 01:05, 1 September 2008 (BST)
Hi DT. I apologize for any misunderstanding about the radio page, and the use of it by Those Dudes. I laid claim to the frequency on or about June 27th 2008. The frequency was marked AVAILABLE at that time. I had hopes of using the frequency for entertainment and recruiting purposes, but I have since decided to go the pirate route, because I can reach more people that way. I hope I haven't caused you any undue hardship. I went ahead and put it back to available. Thank you for your time and patience in this matter. --Mrite 05:20, 1 September 2008 (BST)

Trenchipendence Day

Indeed, the general idea would be to overcade Creedy and do various trenchie things therein. Anyone who was there before the 9th, for instance, is probably a zombie spai trying to disrupt things. Do you know anyone who might be interested?

Oh hai!

PKA - I don't have internet right now (library) and I can't remember my password for the PKA forums. Hopefully I'll have internet next week or the week after which is good because my computer remembers everything for me so there will be loggings in. And lots of shooting people, hopefully ^^ --Mrs FlibbleTalk 15:00, 2 September 2008 (BST)

hitman has seen your message

sorry we simply can't, thx for the message and the friendly atmosphere around it.


Thank you for attempting to defend us, Sir DT, but TZH really cannot be reasoned with, and Grohl himself is not a stable individual. It's pointless to talk to them, and they thrive on the attention. The more you argue with them, the more they enjoy it. It's rather sick.

I do appreciate the kind attempt to defend MCM, however, and as always, MCM is grateful for the support of the Knights--Violet Begonia Dean MCM MOB 02:23, 6 January 2009 (UTC)

I would also like to give my thanks for supporting me on my own page against tzh. Praise knowledge! --Leroy jankens 21:56, 7 January 2009 (UTC)

Yes! Everyone love the TZH! We are much great presence! You mock Karelin, Mr. DT? I not funny! You not Laugh! You run! Fear Karelin! I will stuff you into gutter system and then suplex a cloud so it cry and make rain! Then you will be crushed inside tiny gutter and it will rain on you! Very uncomfortable! Then I laugh! For you will be funny in way of irony! Balls To Whalls! --Alexander Karelin 23:10, 16 January 2009 (UTC)

I do have to say that, for a TZH member, Karelin is quite humorous. --Pestolence(talk) 23:16, 16 January 2009 (UTC)


I need to talk to you about various important matters. -- CITIZEN VI 01:01, 11 March 2009 (UTC)

In Memoriam De

I assume it is dead? -- THELORDGUNSLINGER 03:12, 23 June 2009 (BST)

Wiki Real Estate Agents are almost as bad as those damned Wiki Lawyers. If you ever need a hand in content when you decide to revive, let me know. -- THELORDGUNSLINGER 03:18, 23 June 2009 (BST)

RE: Your Muse

Thank you! Spending a few days in and around your gorgeous mansion was the first time in such a long time that I was able to get work done without the barricades being destroyed daily. I even had a interesting chat with one of your members. Hopefully my travels will return me soon!--SirArgo Talk 19:48, 27 June 2009 (BST)

I can't redeem myself. It's too late, and I accept that fact. I have left the place where your group has its primary home and I shall not return. If I am killed again by a Knight, so be it. It is how it should be I guess. Sorry to have caused all of this.--SirArgo Talk 23:10, 1 August 2009 (BST)


The Lexicon is starting on Monday the 19th. You are a confirmed user. --RahrahCome join the #party!07:48, 13 October 2009 (BST)

You need to complete your third round article. Warning. --RahrahCome join the #party!17:14, 10 November 2009 (UTC)

the lexicon is have a new member thing. See here for details. --RahrahCome join the #party!20:34, 14 December 2009 (UTC)

*le sigh* to you as well, DT --

Hi, DT --

I scribed the following message on VI's Talk Page, but here I am scribing it on yours as well:

I attempted to change my email address on my forum account, and thus my account was deactivated. However, I never received the confirmation email to my new address (which was supposed to contain a link to reactivate my account) so I can't sign on the the forum currently.

Is there anything that can be done to reactivate my account?

Thank you, Brother. --EA 19:57, 23 October 2009 (BST)

EDIT: Nevermind -- it seems my access has been restored! Thanks anyway. :)

Sub pages

I've just moved a couple of pages of yours that were in the main namespace (instead of sub pages of your user page). They can be found in here, if you're looking for them -- boxy talkteh rulz 07:28 29 October 2009 (BST)


I've been working on a simple toolkit for making suburb maps that are relevant to, well, shady types such as we, and knocked up Millen and Shearbank. Colour coded for building types that we actually need. I'll be doing Lamport next. It's a simple enough interface, all I need to do is whip up a blank map to use as the colour-by-numbers example. Thought it might be useful for whenever we've finished throwing that, uh, bloc party. Let me know if I've missed anything you figure you'd want. Nothing to be done! 21:30, 15 November 2009 (UTC)

In Response

I have replied to your message, and I apologize for my delayed reply; I was unaware of your message. I look forward to your response about this interesting matter of business. --Alevins 06:27, 24 November 2009 (UTC)

Praise, whatever

I noticed your comment on my page. I only know about the conflict between the angels of mercy and the blackhawk nation in general terms. Can you explain what happened at all? --RosslessnessWant a Location Image? 21:06, 24 January 2010 (UTC)

New Orders

This is SK, Head of the Phoolosphy Kneets. You have New Orders and I, your inferior, expect them continued with delay. Utmost delay. Posthaste delay, some might say, but they'd be wrong.

We are relightening the suburb of Ricketsbank in three days. You will need a degree in engineering and a full complement of fuses. We expect that the ignorant populace use bayonet fixing bulbs, so limit your screw bulb reserves to a couple of 40 W. Watt? What indeed.

Yours in esteemed scullery,

--Special K 17:35, 25 January 2010 (UTC)

PK Sigs

Hi. I notice that you have included the PK mask in your sig. It is a bit too large (policy dictates a maximum of 14px height). A number of other PK members have been reminded of this in the past, and I wondered if it would be possible for one of you guys to reduce the size of that image to 14px height, rather than having to get all the new members to manually select a size in their sig? -- boxy talkteh rulz 08:09 16 February 2011 (BST)

Template talk:SuburbGroups

How serious is your suggestion? Do you really, really want it included? I do get your point though; I remember back in the day when the Malton DEA (RRF alt Pker group back in '06) used to get a lot of crap from extremely, diehard survivors that they were "ruining the game. oh noz. you ruined my precious needles. I'm not a drug pusher. Really" and what not. Just let me know. -MHSstaff 17:45, 25 February 2011 (UTC)

You are Doctor Tom right? I am Dangermouse. This is my MHS-editing account although it is now really my main account since I am too lazy to log in to the other one or figure out the password. -MHSstaff 17:47, 25 February 2011 (UTC)
I am serious about the At War With... grouping (as a 4th grouping, or maybe sub-grouping, to the existing "Survivor/Zombie/Hostile" groups). It would allow a more neutral classification for two or more fighting Groups which are intended to be on the same side.The Good Guys, Bad Guys, Griefers is tongue-in-cheek, though I admit I was struggling with "Good/Bad/Griefers" and "Haz Barhah (brainrotted pro-Zombie)/Haz Nah Barhah (ZKers)/Bra!nz (anything with a pulse)". And I am indeed Doctor Tom. --DTPraise KnowledgePK 20:23, 25 February 2011 (UTC)
Sounds good. Just let me know exactly what you want me to put when it comes time. I am guessing it is adding the "At War With..."?-MHSstaff 19:15, 26 February 2011 (UTC)


Would you mind if I'd edit User:DT/Tidbits to include an invisible anchor on the "An Explaination of the Umbrella Situation" tidbit? I think it's hilarious, and would have a few uses for being able to link it directly :D -- Spiderzed 15:32, 11 March 2011 (UTC)

Excellent, have done so. That piece can now be directly accessed as User:DT/Tidbits#umbrella. -- Spiderzed 17:13, 12 March 2011 (UTC)

Re: ^_-

Why hello old friend. It looks like you stumbled upon my newest creation. How have things been? --Samhain Sam 19:44, 20 March 2011 (UTC)

Ms. Shirley's durrin jus' fine an' dandy & so am I. Thank ya fo' askin'. I've been working on creating a school over in West Malton similar to what MCM achieved. The local groups are all on board with it & it's moving along slowly but steadily. I planned on contacting the Knights once I had it going & more students. I'm teaching game strategy & ethics of the game. Hopefully we can make a dent in Molebank's zerger problem someday. --Samhain Sam 04:05, 21 March 2011 (UTC)

I need a favor DT

My Sir WV account has been sending my personal email all of the announcements when a new member joins the P Knight board. I forgot my password to that board so I can't log in & change my email address or whatever else might work. I know y'all were hacked a while back & I'm sure this is part of the admins trying to get everything back in line. Can you please change my account there to something else so that I won't be getting those announcement posts? Or whatever else you think might fix my problem. I'd appreciate it. --Samhain Sam 04:29, 20 April 2011 (BST)


Well...*cough.* I finally found the (old) password combination that corresponded to my JL username. It then gave me some line about how I had to request a new password. So I did...and found out in the process that the email account I had used to register was one that no longer exists. (My college wiped it out several months after I graduated). Should I just make a new account?  :( Or is there some magical admin way to manually change the email listed in the JL account? :( --Jen 18:12, 27 August 2011 (BST)

Pack it in!

"not supported by in-game evidence". Precisely. The same can be said about your false claims that CAPD have 'abandoned' the area. Don't be so childish. ~ Kempy “YaketyYak” | ◆◆◆ | CAPD | 20:58, 2 December 2011 (UTC)
Childish? I have no idea, that's a value judgment. False? Do you have anything to back that up, or do you just enjoy calling me a liar? --DTPraise KnowledgePK 21:42, 2 December 2011 (UTC)

Am I...what?

Seriously, what does that even mean? I had something all cool and witty to say that would totally make you think that I'm just totally kickass awesome and then I saw that question at the top of this page. Then my mind went blank and all I could say was, "...Bwah?"

I assume it's some sort of psychological warfare tactic to give you the upper hand when people come here to be nasty. It's both cunning and infuriatingly annoying.

ANYWAY...I have just risen from slumber and have indulged in neither caffeine nor nicotine. Hence my convoluted, meandering, who-the-hell-is-this-chick?? style post. Suffice to say, I HAVE NO FRICKIN' IDEA HOW THE WIKI WORKS. I mean, I've never been good at social boundaries, but this place just reminds me of my first day at school and I'm wondering about lost, chewing my sleeve and wondering whether I should even try talking to some of these maniacs.

It's the etiquette that puzzles me, you see. You wrote on my page, so should I write on yours? Should I reply on mine and wait patiently like a good little girl? Should I take it as an opening to chain you up in my basement until you get all stockholm syndromey and we can live happily ever after?

I have rambled enough! Who are you?! Tell me right now! I must know! You know me, but I don't recognise your name. Did I know you as someone else? Are you stalking me? Are you one of them??

Sorry about the lengthy post, by the way. You should've seen it before I deleted most of it. Hehe. Nice to see you again. Maybe. Whoever you are. :) --Sadie 11:02, 9 February 2012 (UTC)


Hi DT! I responded on my own page, but thought I'd let you know that here. Kiss kiss! Sarah Silverman

Wonderful Criticism on the 5th of November Siege

Hello, just dropping by to thank you for your enlightening criticism on the 5th of November Siege Talk. I actually led my newly formed mercenary group there, thinking a siege would be the perfect place for us to get started. I originally planned to stay in other buildings and help repair the suburb, but attracted by the focus on Blackmore and the bravery, as it appeared then, of over 70 meat-shielders inside, I assumed this was a technique proven to work in sieges and stayed with them, meat-shielding myself. This being my first siege, I thought that with 70 survivors at nearly full health and 30 zombies, the survivors could win, by firepower and CRing. I also assumed that at least some humans from DEM or the Templars were saving their AP and planning. Alas, within hours there were 90 bodies, myself among them. I was quite disappointed by the lack of initiative or planning, and how quickly the zombies overwhelmed Blackmore, without much resistance at all. It was honestly a messy martyrdom, not a siege. Your text summed up my disillusionment perfectly, and I thank you for a fine read.   FOXLION   Foxsilhouette.png 05:38, 7 November 2012 (UTC)

Siege? Laying around is no siege. You want a siege? Battle of Blackmore. One. The original Blackmore siege. Now that is a siege. It lasted three months! Three! I vowed myself never to take part in another Blackmore battle until the records set by the very first one could be broken. I don't see that occurring anytime soon. But hey. Maybe I'm just a grumpy old veteran. --•▬ ▬••▬ • •••• •▬ ▬•▬• ▬•▬ #nerftemplatedsigs 05:57, 7 November 2012 (UTC)

I find your ideas

to be both thought-provoking and deliciously entertaining. Would you have time for a short wiki-based interview? -MHSstaff 20:41, 7 November 2012 (UTC)

Pray, continue. --DTPraise KnowledgePK 20:51, 7 November 2012 (UTC)
This would be for the MHS, which has gathered dust for too long. This recent "event" has motivated me to restart the presses and parody the living hell out of the survivor groups who decided to take part in this. But I also think it is interesting to talk to prominent players in the game, and see their perspectives on UD and the community in general. So if you are interested, I will post (eventually) a list of questions and you can answer all of them, part of them, or, if you choose, none of them. Anyways, let me know and good luck with SoN. Kinda stoked to see how it turns out. -MHSstaff 00:47, 8 November 2012 (UTC)

Please be aware

An arbitration case for which you are the arbitrator has been moved to its official page, where further discussion will take place. Proceedings will begin as soon as you make your initial remarks. Aichon 06:53, 12 September 2013 (BST)

Arbitration, or something

So I have heard that Cobra needs to be represented by, like, a lawyer or something? As if! We don't have Tomax and Xamot handy right now! Instead, if we can't get a decent lawyer anyway, we will at least go for the cheapest solution. Which is sending in our cheapest member. And that will be... *drum-whirl* MEEEEE! :D --Sally A. Summers i Ω i 00:21, 13 September 2013 (BST)

Noted. --DTPraise KnowledgePK 00:22, 13 September 2013 (BST)

As requested

You are a magical princess, DT. --RWSig1.png RWSig2.pngFoD PK Praise Rando!03:29, 16 September 2013 (BST)

I'm beautiful as well. And this dress makes me look sexy. --DTPraise KnowledgePK 03:31, 16 September 2013 (BST)

Philosophe Forum Re-Access?

Also! I finally located my username and password combination to the Philosophe forum (username is Jen), but ended up with the message "The specified username is currently inactive. If you have problems activating your account, please contact a board administrator." Help? --Jen 23:57, 31 July 2014 (UTC)

I've activated your account. IV PK 00:13, 1 August 2014 (UTC)
Thanks! Is it possible to get permission to see the other boards (and the ability to change my display name to JL?) I found the edit usergroup page, but I have no clue which one(s) I should apply to join. --Jen 02:52, 1 August 2014 (UTC)
Looks like the "JL" account already exists and has the permissions you're looking for. Have you tried logging into it yet? IV PK 04:30, 1 August 2014 (UTC)
Yeah, looking at the posts, the JL account is definitely mine. Culture tour, etc. And I really really would like to get it back! But I can't match it to any email address I have on file for password recovery. I've seriously tried EVERY email address I can ever remember using, and nothing works. Is there any way you can work with me, through private messages sent to the "Jen" account, to help me recover the JL account? I know from forum-modding somewhere else that I had the power to make edits to email addresses and I think passwords, but I don't know how things work on the Philosophe forum. HAHAHAHA! I FOUND IT! Had to go wiki diving for the email address I posted LAST time in order to fix this mess. :P --Jen 15:01, 1 August 2014 (UTC)
Glad you found it. I was about to give you some clues to which e-mail address it was, without outright saying it. IV PK 21:30, 1 August 2014 (UTC)

MU Forum Access??

So, I saw here that it was possible, theoretically, to get access back to the forum. Could I possibly get my access back? First for selfish reasons, because I'm just trying to keep track of all kills I ever made with my character, and I know a bunch were reported there and not elsewhere. But secondly because, before information about it disappears, I would rather like to gather and catalog it, and refresh my memory of what actually went down. I don't think it would have ever gotten approved for a historical event even WITH an thorough and NPOV page (too much disagreement and drama), but I figure I can at least write a decent summary up so that there's actually one on file. -- Jen T | SFHNAS | PK 12:32, 26 August 2014 (UTC)

Malton there's a name I have not heard in a long time. Getting your access back will require me to remember what MINE was. I don't even remember how I'd spelled my username. -- DTPraise KnowledgePK 23:30, 3 September 2014 (UTC)


hey shoot me an email. --אמת PK13:03, 20 March 2017 (UTC)


hey shoot me an email. --אמת PK13:03, 20 March 2017 (UTC)


hey shoot me an email. --אמת PK13:03, 20 March 2017 (UTC)


hey shoot me an email. --אמת PK13:03, 20 March 2017 (UTC)


hey shoot me an email. --אמת PK13:03, 20 March 2017 (UTC)


hey shoot me an email. --אמת PK13:04, 20 March 2017 (UTC)

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