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Dr. Eddie Ashford
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Where to start eh!... I've been an active UD player since September 2007, and on the wiki here around seven months later (took me that long to realise there was a UDWiki). Besides my main character of Dr Eddie Ashford, I had two other characters; Ryan Ashwood (pro-survivor) and Victor' X (zombie) but I have since set them both aside as I no longer have any use for them. I tend to go pro-survivor seeing as the idea of banding together and surviving a zombie apocalypse seems just too good to pass up, but I won't hesitate to jump in on the action when Dr Eddie ends up as a zombie.

On the wiki here, I'm a member of Project Welcome, Project Wiki Patrol, the Locaton Nuts and The Status Reporters. I also tend to stalk the Recent Changes page too. And I can be found on the admin pages voting in sysop//bureaucrat elections and on the developing suggestions page.

If you're looking to join a pro-survivor group, I recommend the Umbrella Corporation, as they are all about kicking zed ass, taking names and above all, having fun. Plus they accept all players regardless of their skills level or class.

Dr Eddie Ashford

Dr Eddie Ashford is my main character. I had him flying solo for a while (try seven months) before I found the Umbrella Corporation. I had him join Umbrella on April 16th 2008 and he's been with them for over a year now, but the first 11 months shaped his journey to the top. Dr Eddie was created September 2nd 2007.

Positions I've held within The Umbrella Corporation (from current to former):

  • President of Umbrella Corporation: (03/11/09 - 04/12/09)
  • Director of Internal Operations: (02/16/09 - 03/10/09)
  • Victor Platoon Commanding Officer: (08/30/08 - 02/15/09)
  • Assistant Director to the UCC (thats Umbrella Civilian Center): (08/10/08 - 03/29/09)
  • Archive Manager (Forum Moderator): (08/01/08 - 08/10/08)

Ryan Ashwood

Ryan Ashwood was my second pro-survivor character based in Grigg Heights. He was a member of the now re-activated pro-survivor group Edmund General United based out of Edmund General Hospital in the North-west sector of the suburb. Ryan was created on September 3rd 2007.

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Victor 'X

I created Victor as a chance to sample the 'dark side' of Malton. I had him spend a few weeks going around killing anyone and everyone, from survivors to zombies. But I couldn't really get into the whole zombie lifestyle, which is why I pulled the plug on him. Victor 'X was created on November 13th, 2008.

Recognition: This page design was greatly influenced by that of BobBoberton's. Thank you!