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Faconneur: A lowly private

Zombie breakin sign.jpg Pegton Special Branch
Keeping Pegton safe from the zombie hordes!


Apr 26-28 No revives in Pegton. Had to go SE, all the way to Dentonside to find a revive. Made it back to Pegton. Got a healing from Ryan, but he was PK'd while I was sleeping. I revived a zeb in the RP cemetery in SE Pegton. The Special Branch is back in business! Apr 25, 2014. Woke up to see the Zombie about to tear out my throat. Zed-1, Faconneur-0. Merde. I clawed 10HP from his hide and went south to Pegton, after finding Walrond Square crowded. St. Matthews looked good at first, but then went dark, and finally ruined. I headed further south to the Cemetery by St. Martin's church. I saw the lights of St Siricius on the way..hope I get some help soon. I'm in Pegton. I'm home. Apr 23, 2014 Giddings didn't last long. Cortex damaged zeds moved in to the SW corner, and it spiraled downhill from there. I tried to help, but it's like pissing on a forest fire. Currently holded up in a building SE of Giddings. Might as well run in the direction of Pegton. Nailed another zombie in the mall before I left. April 21, 2014 Headed east, and lo! Giddings Mall was lit up & secured by a couple dozen survivors. I immediately searched for FAK's and ammo. Now, I'm nearly ready to head back to Pegton. If I can survive a night in Giddings...never trust a zombie. April 20, 2014 Back to Boutcher. Killed the last zed. Found a couple of clips on a dead body. Headed back to the FD next door. I may have room in my pack for a fire axe now. April 19, 2014 Went back to Boutcher Alley PD. Repaired building, VS++. Back to Mazzie Towers to hang out. April 18, 2014 Outfitted & rested, but in need of FAK's, I decided to head SE to Pegton. I made it to Pitneybank, to the Boutcher Alley PD. Found 2 survivors, 2 zombies, and a loose barricaded. I shot the zeds & rebuilt the barricades. Nearly out of time, I left for the EHB next door.

April 17, 2014 Been stumbling my way around Pitneyback, Spracklingback, and now Haytown. Giddings was ruins, and so were most buildings in Pitneybank. Think I got killed once and was restored by a good samaritan. Found my way to Goldney Place Police Dept, and began stocking up on ammo.I got most of the ammo I need, but I may look for an axe next, and some FAK.

April 8, 2014 Woke up..slowly. Realized I had no memory of the last 5 years. Killing zeds can do that to a man, but judging by the lack of calluses, skin pallor, and hair length, I've been in a coma maybe.

June 24, 2009 Woke up in a junkyard near Mitchem. Last time I crawl into a refrigerator to hide. Popped a Zed & scurried off. Lots of destroyed buildings in the area. Finding a safe spot will be challenging. Wonder what's up with PSB these days?

Aug 3, 2007. Detouring through Starlington on the way back. Picked up a new generator at Giddings. Asking for more trouble...

Aug 2, 2007. Grahh. Mrrh. Woke up newly revived in Walrond Square. I took some time to heal up & get prepped for a run back to Pegton.

Aug 1, 2007. Zombies broke in again and killed everyone. Oops. Maybe that generator was a bit premature.

July 31, 2007. Made it back to the Bennett Building after a few days haunting the Mitchem Mall area, taking potshots at Zombies and collecting ammo. Installed the generator and fueled it. The light seemed to attract the local Zeds, since the barricades were broken down a couple of hours later. I put them back up to VS.

July 23, 2007. Made a pass through Mitchem. 2 Zeds in the NW corner. I took a couple of potshot but was low on AP. On the way back to my hideout in N. Vinetown I spotted another Zed in a junkyard with a transmitter. Couldn't do anything about that...loosely 'caded the place for fun. Stupid level 1 Zombie.

July 21, 2007 (or thenabouts). Went back to Mitchem, and found the NW and NE corners free of Zombies. The searching was pretty good after I repaired & barricaded up to VS. Did not dare spend the night.

July 17, 2007. I was really low on supplies, so I headed to Mitchem to stock up. Found some Zeds in Goodford, so I took a few potshots and did light barricades. Yapp was destroyed, and the lights were off at Mitchem. The whole mall was destroyed by Zombies overnight. I entered NE corner and barricaded slightly..some survivors still lived, but there were too many zombies to count, maybe 20-40. NW corner had about 100+ Zeds. was screwed.

July 16, 2007. Got a revive today. Stood up after I had some AP back. Entered St. Matthews. I'm surprised that place is still in business.

June 12th, 2007. I was PK'd right in the Mall by Nivlac II. He is dead if I ever see him again. He took out three or four others. Nasty piece of work.

June 11th, 2007. Mrrh? Arggh! Mrhr?

June 10th, 2007. Finally found my logbook. I've been wandering back & forth between hotspots in Pegton and the mall in Vinetown. Lots of Zombies to kill and people to heal.

May 16th, 2007. Back in Pegton. Finished off a mortally wounded Zombie in Rowcliffe and honed my pistol skillz. Now, if I could just find me some more ammo...

May 15th, 2007. Finally got the hang of this axe. If I could only find a grindstone and put a razor edge on it...

May 14th, 2007. Another day of hanging out, trying to hone my axe skills since the PD's around here seem mostly overrun.

May 13th, 2007. Hanging out in North Dentonside and taking potshots at Zeds with my axe.

May 12th, 2007. I...LIVE!!! Thanks to someone who's name I didn't catch. I found revival in Dentonside, since I could see the queue in Pegton was long and unmoving. Out of ammo and low on energy, I found a hideout towards the north. Zombies were everywhere, and most buildings were EHB...but many have been smashed open and have Zeds inside.

May 11th, 2007. Mrh? Mrh? Graaaagh!

May 10th, 2007. Graaaagh! Grrrh. Mrh?

May 9th, 2007. Another Zombie break in at Stadling Walk Police Department. I closed the doors and took a few pot shots, but didn't stay to see the ending. Low on AP's I headed out across the rooftops looking for a safe haven. Didn't find one. Best I found so far was lightly barricaded. Pegton is not a healthy place to be. The zombies seem to be searching building by building, and keeping everything ripped open, especially the PD's at the Edgecombe/Pegton border. I finally stumbled into the Rowcliffe building. PK'ed by "dave mccracken", unless Zombies can use a shotgun and pistols. Rowcliffe was strongly barricaded.

May 8th, 2007. Healed a survivor earlier & cured his infection. Then a zombie broke in. I fired off 2 clips at him with my .44 Mag, but didn't too much damage. I gotta get the sights fixed on this thing! Had to split...I hope the other 3 survivors can get out before that Zed gets them. Hopped over to Tilly Row Police Department for ammo. There was a crowd of 16 zombies outside, chewing on the barricades. Wish I had a grenade! Well, I went to Stadling Walk Police Department, which is strongly barricaded. Scouted around after that for an EHB building, now that I can move across the rooftops, and found that Cape Avenue PD was wide open. I secured the doors and tossed out a body, repaired the damage. It will take a crowd of survivors to fix things up though.

May 4th, 2007. Back to Tilly Row Police Department. Found doors open and two Zeds inside. I shut the doors. Stadling Walk Police Department was EHB. Went to Southcott Plaza Fire Station, which was only VSB. Found a fire axe inside, so I went back to Tilly Row to take care of those Zombies! Did minor damage and had to leave. Next time I'm taking out the barricades at Stadling! ...Later, went back to Tilly Row. Doors open and zombies gone. I closed the doors, chucked out a body, and repaired damage. Had to leave it like that.

May 3rd, 2007. I'm out of ammo for the pistol. Hope the PD's are clear...Dinham Police Department was EHB. Tilly Row Police Department was doors open and ransacked. 2 Zombies were inside. Stadling Walk Police Department was strongly barricaded. My searching there met with great success: a shotgun at last! I went back to Tilly Row Police Department and killed a Zombie with one shot. Dumped the body outside. Second Zed had 50 HP. I put one round in it, but I was getting low on ammo again, so I holed up again at the Pegton Special Branch.

May 2nd, 2007. St. Matthew's Hospital is full of survivors, and barricades have been reduced to lightly barricaded. I left to find 7 Zeds outside placing the hospital under siege. At St. Siricius's Hospital, there were 9 Zeds. At Gelasius General Hospital, there were 30+ Zeds. I tried to pick off some Zeds at Blobole Park, but only hit twice with my pistol, on a Zombie that had Body Building and a Flak jacket. Out of ammo, and all the PD's in Pegton are EHB. Life as a survivor isn't easy! Took refuge at the Pegton Special Branch HQ, but there were only 2 survivors there.

May 1rst, 2007. Mayday, Mayday! Zombies broke in to the Stadling Walk Police Department overnight and many survivors were slain, including myself. I stood up and made my way over to Oldidge Way RP. Tatura was friendly enough to revive me. When I stood back up, I found I had a nasty infection. Low on AP's, I made my slow way back to a hospital in Pegton, dodging Zombies the whole time. No big hordes, but there is a Zombie on every corner, including 2 or 3 outside the hospital I'm hiding in now. I'm sure the undead will be breaking in here soon. No place is safe!

April 30th, 2007. I have been using an old map I found on the street. It's badly worn and certainly one corner was chewed off by a Zombie. I'm finding that the resource locations listed are badly out-of-date. Safe houses for new survivors are either Heavily-Barricaded or occupied by Zeds. I'm making new entries, or updating old ones as I stumble my way through Malton.

April 29th, 2007. I seek shelter in Pegton, after being infected. I fled Vinetown after finding the one hospital ransacked. I received help at St. Elisabeth's Hospital. St. Elisabeth's Hospital is barely running, but there were a few survivors huddled there.

April 28th, 2007, and earlier. I have been basing myself at Reason Towers. It was one of the few buildings a new survivor like myself could enter. A friendly guy named ZombieStalker build up the barricades to VS+2, but left them so I could enter. I wish all survivors could be so considerate.

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