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Johnny Yossarian
Name: Johnny Yossarian
Age: 28
Occupation: MFD Firefighter
Current Status: Stationed in NW Division, District One
Location: Eastonwood
Current Level: 22
Group: Malton Fire Department

  Johnny Yossarian  

FireFighterBadge.gif Malton Fire Department
Johnny Yossarian is a member of the MFD.


You see a man with a fireman's helmet tipped to one side, and a battered and rough uniform with a lapel saying 'Malton Fire Department' pinned to his shirt. He may be kinda cocky, and maybe a bit overconfident... but Johnny's here to help, and make zombies kiss his axe. Join the DEM!

He's wearing: a pair of safety goggles, a fireman's helmet, a scratched and blood-smeared set of rosary beads, a white short-sleeved shirt, a firefighter's jacket, red overalls and a pair of steel toe-capped boots


The Weaponmaster Ribbon.jpg Weaponmaster Ribbon A highly coveted achievement ribbon. It signifies complete mastery over both pistols and shotguns. Once a DEM member has both Advanced Pistol Training and Advanced Shotgun Training, they may claim this ribbon.

Hand to Hand Specialist Ribbon.jpg Hand to Hand Specialist Ribbon For those members who seek perfection of their martial abilities, the Hand to Hand Specialist Merit is the ultimate aim. This ribbon signifies the highest levels of achievement in their chosen style. Once a DEM member has Hand to Hand Combat, Knife Combat and Axe Proficiency, they may claim and wear this ribbon proudly.

Scientific Achievement Ribbon.jpg Scientific Achievement Ribbon Those DEM members who spend the time studying and completing the Necrotech correspondence courses do so with this coveted ribbon in mind. The Scientific Achievement Ribbon is the rarest of the claimed ribbons, making it a highly coveted award. Once a DEM member has NecroTech Employment, Lab Experience and NecroNet Access, they may claim and wear this ribbon.

DEM 1 year service.jpg DEM 1 year service Life in Malton is tough, and dedicating yourself to help others over an extended period of time deserves recognition. After one year of service (counting from the day they joined the DEM), they may proudly wear this ribbon.

Fitness Ribbon.jpg Fitness Ribbon If the rippling muscles, flexibility and speed doesn't already illustrate a DEM member's dedication to physical fitness, this ribbon should spell it out. Once a DEM member has Body Building, they may claim this ribbon that -despite its size- weighs a full pound.

Engineer's Ribbon.jpg Engineer Ribbon Those DEM members who have taken their time to learn how to erect and maintain barricades are absolutely essential to the survival of those around them. Proper application of Barricade policies and the ability to wedge a vending machine into a doorway saves lives. Once a DEM member has Construction, they may claim this ribbon.

Reconnissance Specialist Merit.jpg Reconnaissance Specialist Merit Malton has turned into a field of fortresses with makeshift bridges between them. Times like these have necessitated the ability to swing from one rope to the next, to sprint across rope bridges and to leap from rooftop to rooftop. Once a DEM member has Freerunning, they may claim this ribbon, which is held in place with 2 pins.

Sniper's Ribbon.jpg Sniper Ribbon Also called the "Black Wedge", this ribbon marks the chest of experienced and dangerous DEM members. These members shoot for the head, and knock zombies down like bowling pins. Once a DEM member has Headshot, they may claim and wear this ribbon proudly.

Field Medicine Merit.jpg Field Medicine Merit A ribbon that commands respect is the Field Medicine Merit. These DEM members seek to heal and prevent the infection that threatens us every day. Once a DEM member has First Aid and Diagnosis, they may claim this ribbon...and try to keep blood off of it.

Resident Surgeon Ribbon.jpg Resident Surgeon Ribbon DEM members who dedicate their time to keeping the hospitals a place of superior healing. Once a DEM member has the Surgery Skill they may take this ribbon and display proudly for all to see.

Acquisition Ribbon.jpg Acquisition Ribbon Finding the right tools for the job quickly and efficiently makes any DEM member more valuable and more productive. Those who display a knack for finding what they are looking for can wear this distinguished merit. Once a DEM member has both Shopping and Bargain Hunting, they may claim this ribbon.

Radio Operator Ribbon 3D.jpg Advanced Radio Dispatch Ribbon While the Military continue their strict control of short-wave radio frequencies across the quarantined area of Malton, limiting the general population to the use of frequencies between 28.01-29.00 MHz, more experienced radio operators have found they can broadcast between 26.00-29.00 MHz. Once a DEM member has Radio Operation, they may wear this ribbon as they transmit vital information to other members of the DEM and their allies.

Community Support Ribbon.jpg Community Support Ribbon In times as these, information is our primary weapon. The DEM recognizes that tagging has replaced most other means as a way to communicate to the masses. This ribbon was established to recognize those who use spray cans to spread useful information to their communities. Once a DEM member has the Tagging Skill, they may claim this ribbon.


James 'Johnny' Yossarian thought he was going to live out the rest of his days in Malton in comfort- he had a good job, a good girlfriend, and a good house. But it wasn't to be. Rumors of a deadly disease filtered in from the news, and in days, the infection took hold of Malton. With his family dead and him needing protection and brotherhood, he joined the MFD in Pashenton. After graduating with honors from Darby Academy, he took his place with his brothers and sisters in the NE Division, District 1- where he remains to this day.



Sgpicon1.gif Sacred Ground Policy Supporter
This user or group supports the Sacred Ground Policy and acknowledges that all Cemeteries in the city of Malton are considered Revivification Points.

Ubpicon1.gif Uniform Barricading Policy Supporter
This User or Group supports the Uniform Barricading Policy by actively maintaining barricades according to local plan or UBP standard.

Fireaxe-large.jpg Decollation
This user carries around an axe for chopping off one's head.

StreetCerd.JPG I Gots Street Cred Yo! (50pts)
This User survived 3 hours or more standing outside on the street as a Human with out getting killed.
ToonGun.png Hit Man (5pts)
This User successfully killed a Zombie with their Pistol.

Adrenaline666.jpg AXE ASSASSIN
This user started off in the civilian class as a Firefighter with a fire axe and radio, and axe-handling training.

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