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My Suggestions

Crashed and Burned

Holy Symbol

Echoes of Gunfire

Length of Chain




Somehow Slipped under the Radar

GPS Improvement - Yay!

A Polite Request that the Living Conditions of the Exceptionally Wealthy and Upstanding Citizens of Malton be taken into Consideration on a much higher Level - Tally Ho! - Stage 1 of Operation Let's Make Large Building More Interesting Please

The Published Findings regarding the State of both Disrepair and Disrespect that the Churches and various other Holy Buildings have fallen into as a result of the Distinct Lack of Care given by the Working Class and methods to Remedy this Situation - Ahawhawhawhaw! - Stage 2 of Operation Let's Make Large Buildings More Interesting Please

Several Thoughts on the Lack of Gramophonic Equipment present in Sports Venues as well as the Distinct Lack of Shopping facilities additionally located within said Sports Venues and Revolutionary Ideas that may change this - Ten Points! - Stage 3 of Operation Let's Make Large Buildings More Interesting Please

<_< >_> ...'Humorous'

Everybody Hates Chavs - Because, well, they do.

Grail Knight - Monty Python for the win (self explanatory, really).

Humorous Items - See the Minstrels suggestion at the very bottom - the precursor to the Grail Knight suggestion.

Resident Evil Item Combos - Simply because the Crucifix needs a use, and this is the only way to add such a use into the game in a fair and just manner.

Cynical Bastard - 'Huh? Antisthenes?'

Cameras - Cherish the memories...

Still Pending

City Zoo Improvements - City Zoo (Building Complex Additions: City Zoo)

Change Music in Clubs and Arms - Music (Usefulness-challenged Building Modification: Clubs/Arms)

Crypts - Crypts (Empty Block Modification: Cemeteries)

Kitchen Knives/Large Scalpels - Turned out to be a copy of a previous suggestion

Malton Court - Civil Law Court and Criminal Law Court (Large Building Additions)

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