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Starting Occupation: Civilian Fireman
Group Membership: RAWK / Blythville Gang
Goals: Survive this mess!
Username: BWT
More details: Urban Dead profile


Gender: Male
Age: Approximately 50; was preparing for early retirement from the Malton FD.
Surfaced in Malton: October 22nd, 2005
Current Status: Alive and bitchin'.
Current Sightings: Eastward-bound.
Notable Facts: McTrout is the author of The Mall Defense Manifesto.


Bill McTrout was a fire crew chief in the Malton Fire Department. An irregular heartbeat forced him into a desk job; at the time of the outbreak he was a fire dispatcher for the Connoly Row F.D. in Tollyton. When the zombies appeared, McTrout was only two weeks from early retirement. He attempted to flee Malton with the majority of the city's denizens, but was trapped in his apartment for days by a ravening horde of his former neighbors, and was unable to escape before the quarantine was imposed.

A divorcee with no children, he had no ties to the city to make him stay willingly, and views the whole thing as God's cosmic joke on him. He is, as a result of his situation, gruff, moody, and irascible. Unlike many in his position, however, he retains a firm grip on his sanity.

On Contagion Day, McTrout was about 30 pounds overweight. A big, heavyset guy to begin with, he was in genuinely bad shape, nearly dying due to being unable to outrun any moderately fast zombie. Since then he has trimmed down considerably (lots of hard work staying alive plus no junk food makes for a great diet regimen). Though he's still heavyset and not possessed of much of a physique, it's now mostly muscle under his old fireman's watch coat. He hasn't gotten any faster, though, and would rather barricade and fight than run. He wears his salt-and-pepper hair cropped short, and constantly chews on a stale old cigar (he doesn't smoke any more, but this may simply be due to the fact that he can't find any decent cigars in Malton). Knowing his heart condition is still an issue, he's usually fairly grim but has developed a fairly dark sense of humor about the whole thing. Nevertheless, he plans to stay alive as long as possible and will keep griping and barking orders until he drops dead, one way or the other.

McTrout is a committed member of both the Blythville Gang and RAWK. He is a very good friend of the cop Mcbride, and knows RAWKer and former EMT Groans McCoy from before the outbreak.

Alts and the Wiki

Yes, it's true, McTrout has a zombie alt named Vito Mortis - and he's getting goddamned sick and tired of all you slanderous asswipes accusing LUE of being zergers. Run, don't walk, run to the fridge, and pour yourselves a tall, frosty glass of shut the fuck up.


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