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UD Profile Founder member of the splinter group Queer Jew Renegades

The End and the Beginning

Another Filthy Day

Shafts of light filtered through the bullet holes in Chaffey, the place he had come to think of as home. Not wiped the concrete dust from his face and opened his eyes, there were dead lying in the middle of the floor, like blood soaked ragdolls, all wrong angles and splintered bones. He sniffed the air, stifled a gag, they were stinking up already, he never got properly used to the putrid smell of rotting death. He recognised a few of them, people he used to call his comrades, his brothers, his family... the Docs would be along soon to revivify them, the others needed to be dragged out before they woke up, confused and hungry for brains. Someone else could do it today, he cocked his shotgun just in case.

There was graffiti on the wall, His name and a death threat crudely scrawled in dripping red paint. It wasn't that unusual these days, things had become confusing since he'd come back. It had been a long time since we had all been together and things had changed, people had changed, he had changed, ever since he saw the zombie, that one that looked like Mary, the one he couldn't shoot.

Benway was awake and squatting over by Malachai's bunk, muttering in hushed tones. Looking over at him, what the fuck were they plotting this time? not thought absently. It Seemed like a long time since he saw eyeball to eyepatch with those two and yet he still recalled the times they stood side by side, blowing braindeads brains out, cocking shottys together, a wink and then BOOM another perfectly executed headshot. Death as an art form with green blood and rancid flesh for paint and the citys' broken pavements and bullet-ridden concrete as their canvas.

Not was shaken out of his daydream by a calloused hand touching his nipple. His knife was drawn and positioned under the assailants windpipe in hundredths of a second,

"WAIT, it's m-me.. R-ralph"

Not wiped spittle from the blade and put it back in it's sheath.

"I warned you before don't touch me there ralphy".

"ok, ok, jesus, I just wanted to show you something" he drawled.

He pointed to the wall with the ugly threat on it.

"I seen it already Ralph, no big deal, I had death threats before, fuck, I been dead before, we all have"

Not laughed at the stupidity of it all. Ralph was pointing over towards Benway,

"look... his hands"

Not followed his gaze, Benways tiny beadlesque hands were covered in red paint, and in the pocket of his jacket a spray can with fresh paint drops poked out.

"Thanks for the heads up, see you around ralphy"

Not climbed the stairwell to the roof.

"looks like it's time I got the fuck out of dodge" He said to no one in particular

...and then he jumped.

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