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Dr Xero

Dr Xero is a 36 year old man who was working at NecroTech when the outbreak of zombies in Malton took to the streets. He was then, like everyone else, trapped within the quarantine. At first, he wandered from suburb to suburb, using his DNA extractor to help NecroNet, but became unsatisfied with the work. He later moved to the Malton Zoo, where he manned a minor revive point for a while, and was killed on the job. Now he is alive again and currently en route to the [Survivor Security Zone] where he will help in the process of setting up a secure residency for all survivors.

This user is Libertarian.
Ghandi.jpg Pacifist
This user practices non-violence, and will not attack any player, zombie or human.
Syringe.jpg Planned Revivification
This user or group supports
organized revivification.
Syringe.jpg Scientist
This user is a Scientist and is probably off reviving someone.
Zonedefenderslogo.GIF Zone Defenders
This user is a Zone Defender and is sworn to protect the SSZ.
SSZlogo.GIF Survivor Security Zone
Dr Xero helps to protect the Survivor Security Zone.
Stoned.gif Malton Neighborhood Watch
This group or user is too stoned to support the
Malton Neighborhood Watch.
Fascism.gif Fascists
This user or group hates fascists and will do everything in their power to feed them to the zombies.
Socialist Template.png Socialism
This User or Group supports the concept and ideals of Socialism, and their induction into Malton society, through the maelstrom of the Zombie epidemic.
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