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Manhunt Marathon
Run copy.png

What are you running from?

Failing to fit in? Need a purpose in life? Want to cave in someone's skull?

Then you've come to the right place!

The Manhunt Marathon

Over the coming months several Manhunt events are going to be running. Any chump can win one event, but as circumstances change, can you prove you are the best?

Relay Race

Scores will run throughout all nominated events. Once a User (Not a character) has participated in two or more events they can be added to the scoreboard.


The winner will be the User with the highest Individual Number of kills. In the event of a tie, the player with the least deaths sustained will claim the Gold Medal.

Special Prizes

Will be available for stuff.

Previous Events

Rage in the Age - Although a team event, individual kills were counted.

Red October - Running from October 25th until November 7th this team event sadly had nothing to do with Sean Connery. Like Rage in the Age individual kills were counted.

Confirmed Future Events

Potential Future Events

Rattle Royale

The Safehouse

Murder in the Dark

Duck Hunt

The current Standing...

Wiki User Number of Kills
Yonnua Koponen 4
Misanthropy 5
Axe Hack 5
Hashk 5
Rosslessness 7
Kempy 5

Note Competitors are only listed once they have appeared in two sanctioned events.

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