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That's right sodomites

I'm a born again hate... Religious figure! I have decided to turn my life around and become dedicated to the following principles:

  1. No baby murder.
  2. Christmas should be celebrated by all faiths.
  3. Prayer in schools should be a mandatory part of sex education.
  4. Every backpack sold to children should contain a copy of Dear God, It's Me Margarette. The text should be modified to reflect the sin of a woman's menstration cycle though.
  5. No gay marriage in any shape or form. Also, no marrying dogs.
  6. Sex in the confines of marriage should be videotaped to be monitered for sodomy. I will moniter those tapes.
  7. Amazing should be allowed back on the wiki, if he repents.
  8. The one world government should stop trying to assassinate reverend Tony Alamo and admit their complicit participation in the OKC bombing, Waco massacre, 9-11 terrorist attacks, and the death of Sonny Bono.