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Joined: 2005-10-03
Character Details: UD Profile
Character Class: Police Officer
Current Status: Alive
Level: 41
Affiliation: Cult of The Fallen God
Location: Pashenton
Favorite Equipment: Knife
Favorite Weapon: Shotgun
Backup Weapon: Pistol
Kills: Hundreds
Deaths: Hundreds
Shutdowns: 0
Been Revived: Hundreds of times
Revived Others: Hundreds of times

Senister: A Story

Senister was a cop before the outbreak in Malton. He had served the MPD for nearly 20 years when suddenly he found himself in the middel of a zombie apocalypse. The first days of the crisis he spent in The Lion Enclosure in the Malton City Zoo in Ketchelbank, there he cowered for he could not combat an enemy that rose to its feet as soon as he had shot it. Only when a lone Fireman came his way through the Zoo would he get up. The Fireman was a man called Zephyer, who knew of a place where they would be safe. Senister followed Zephyer to Pashenton, a once glamourous part of Malton, and there they found The Egleton Building. The Egleton Building became the pillar of hope, the only safe place to really call home. Many people like Zephyer and Senister came to the Egleton, many left, some stayed. The ones who stayed were welcomed and friendships were developed. Things in the exiled city of Malton were finally looking up. But good things came to an end as the Zombies enchroached on Pashenton. Zombies were gaining powers, they had even developed speech and brains enough to muster a siege. The Zombies pounded Pashenton to ruins with their endless wave, known as The Big Bash. The Egleton fell, many were killed or lost. Senister survived the slaughter, but he was changed forever...

Senister has now gone mad and is known as The High Priest of Cthulhu who leads the Cult of The Fallen God in Malton. A Cult hellbent on destroying anyone who would lay hands on The Egleton Building in a display of twisted sacrificed and rituals. The once friendly occupants of The Egleton Building are now members of the mad cult. The Cults worship of the dark deity known as Cthulhu has driven the local public against them in an attempt to stop their wicked ways.

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