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Started out as a fireman in Judgewood and didnt have any firearms skills. Levelled up by axing occasional zombies outside. Gained (first) free running and then all firearms skills.

Axe vs. firearms

With the present accuracy of Axe Proficiency (40%), it takes on average 43 AP to interrupt a 50 HP enemy. That means that only using an axe, when interrupting enemies during a cleanup op, you are spending 86% of your AP hacking at others. With firearms and all shooting skills, on the other hand, you spend something like 16-27 AP (exluding ammo searching) flattening a flak-jacketed opponent. It is true that with a appropriately grinded axe you are more flexible in your travelling routes because you dont need to visit police department or malls for ammo. However, after a while I find spending on average at least 86% of AP to axing pretty boring. It also means that that you have on average only 7 AP per day to find a suitable enemy and return to your hide-out. If you need to find some FAKs or do some maintenance cading on that day you cant take out an enemy on that day. You can when using firearms and all shooting skills. I think that by increasing the accuracy of the axe (to say 50-60%) the axe can become a more interesting alternative to firearms. This gives survivors more flexibility and makes the game more interesting.

Towards a sustainable Yeti population

At present we are working on a foundation which will improve living conditions for the Yeti's. We firmly believe that the perverse media attention adversely affects the Yeti's and their procreation. Therefore we will launch a high-profile governement subsidized scientific study to "prove" that the Yeti does not exist. This effective disinformation campaign will serve to leave the Yeti alone. We will therefore debunk, by ANY means possible (and impossible), any claim on "observation" of Yeti's. Further announcements will follow. Donations are kindly accepted. (By George, dealing with the government is EXPENSIVE!)


Kevanism.gif Kevanism
This user is a Kevanist. They believe that the universe was created approximately 15 years ago by an intelligent designer.
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