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The Resistance
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The Resistance
Abbreviation: NONE
Group Numbers: 19+
Leadership: Savant 231 A
Goals: Help, restore Malton. Resist to zombies and help others humans
Recruitment Policy: Any breathing, heart beating human who is willing to help any human in trouble. Please put The resistance in the group section in your profile of Urban Dead, Also, don't forget to write it here.
Contact: Talk:The resistance

Resistance HQ - forums

The resistance

The resistance is a group dedicated to protection of life of every survivor left in this land. Barricading, healing, reviving, killing and helping will be the top priority.


The group was created about 2 years after the quarantine of Malton. That was the time when almost all suburbs were zombie infested. In the Wheaton Avenue PD the leader pronounced the start of The resistance, a para-military group whose goal is to help Malton citizens and keep the zombie population under control (which means to keep it under 0%). From the begining, we have helped Mockridge Heights and other suburbs to be zombie-free. And today, it's goals are simple: Help survivors, kill zombies. We know that Malton will never be zombie free... But the only thing we can do to help the situation is... Heal and kill!


We have a HQ established, few members with high battling capabilities, which made The resistance a group that can resist zombies. We accept recruits anytime-anywhere. It is just important that you join the fun!

Also, do not forget to register on the forums!

Resistance will operate through out the Malton. The city will not be a barricade for resistance. As you join the resistance, there won't be any boring boot camps, or training camps. Your experience, and experience of others will drive you through Malton.

Do not forget: Resist or die!

know what you are talking about Short-wave Radio Info
This group or location has a dedicated radio frequency.

Frequency: 28.17 MHz
Transmitter Coordinates: Unknown

Our sacred policy:

  • We never will leave anyone behind.
  • If one of ours is dead, we revive him.
  • If one of ours is alive, we help him.
  • We try to help any other group that helped us and vice-versa
  • We never kill other humans, unless they kill other players or in self defense
  • We kill zombies, if those are threatening lives of others
  • We revive zombies, to help the living.
  • We never retreat. We advance in the opposite direction.
  • We never, ever barricade the building so hard that no one can enter, unless the building is valuable, or the people are in grave danger.
  • Never betray your subgroup our group, if you wish to leave, say it loudly. We don't force anyone to stay.

Recruitment policy

  • No Pkers!
  • No Gkers!
  • No abusive users!
  • No hackers!
  • No zombies!
  • We accept any breathing, heart beating human who is willing to help any human in trouble


You died? Go Here

How to be recruited

The process is very easy. Copy and Paste The resistance into the Group: box. After that, you must write your nick, class and whereabouts in the The Resisters box. (look below)

The Resisters

When putting your nick and other thing be sure to follow this following format

*[ Your Nick ], CLASS, SUBURB, {{c|green/red|dead/alive}}

And don't forget to put the new profile on the bottom of the list.

If you are still unsure please look how other people did it, and for more information about ID go here


  • Captain Rhodes II, Millitary, Buckley Mall, Buttonville alive
  • Savant 231 A, Military, Mockridge Heights alive
  • StoneDog XL, Civilian, Mockridge Heights, alive
  • Mrlee102, Civilian, Dimmock Auto Repair, alive
  • Discordian Priest, Scientist, Mockridge Heights, dead(Still killing zombies)
  • Jessalee, Military, Challes Museum, alive
  • ImperialCommissar, Scientist, Mockridge Heights alive
  • warjunky 914, Military, Mockridge Heights, dead
  • Scionist, NecroTech Scientist, Mockridge Heights, alive
  • Clevin100, Scientist, Roftwood, dead
  • kribykong, NecroTech scientist.
  • Grimfenix, all classes, Mockridge Heights, alive
  • Sir Strecher, Scientist, Dulston, alive
  • Delibird, Civilian, Pimbank, dead
  • kingman986, Civilian, Hamm Fire-station, Molebank, alive
  • Seighard, Scientist, Mockridge Heights, alive
  • getadog, Civilian, Mockridge Heights, alive
  • Blue Demon1, Civilian, Mockridge Heights, alive
  • Nelo A , Civilian, Dyment Row Fire Station, Heytown, alive
  • Robert Conrey, Civilian, Mockridge Heights (South Border), alive
  • Jaye d, Military, Mockridge Heights, Alive
  • Yodae god, Military, Pegton, alive
  • BiotecVirus2, Civilain, Rolt Hieghts, alive
  • Ryan Delph , Civilian, Mockridge Heights, alive
  • razzia , Military, Mockridge Heights, alive
  • OfficerRandy , Civilain, Shearbank , alive
  • PolskaLancer , Military, Mockridge Heights, alive
  • Losec , Military, Mockridge Heights, alive
  • Tex Mecks , Military, South Blythville, alive
  • Jay Douglas , Civilian, Jensentown, alive
  • Jerrick Banks , Military, Mockridge Heights alive
  • Linda Hamilton , Civilian, Wyke Hills alive

Resisters, put your groupmembers on your contact list!

Recruits, check BRIS


Q: what is ID?

A: ID is a unique number that has 6-5 numbers in it. To know which your ID is, simply, log on to Urban Dead. Under the map you will find a text that says: You are Someguy, and the Someguy contains a link. When you click on it, you will be redirected to the info about your character. above, in the small window where you input the addresses where you wish to go is the ID. It will be in this format:

The + is the unique number, or the ID



Our HQ is a HQ, and we plan to keep its location hiden, from all none members.


As of 6.8.2007 the Resistance claimed the ??????? as one of their HQ's.

Barricade Policy

Keep at EHB - never go under!

Current Status


EHB surrounding buildings EHB, entry point 1 block north and two blocks east.

Last update 15th August 2009 please update!


Spraypaint this on our protected buildings:

EHB-The Resistance Protection

or VSB-The Resistance Protection


  • Knights of Saint John (To be discussed) REASON: Leader missing

The command chain

  • Leader
  • Investigation Commissar
  • 2 Commanders
  • Subgroup Commanders (the number of these depends on numbers of the subgroups)
  • Resisters

Area of operation

The Resistance operates on the whole size of Malton. But, the Megaurb of Mockridge Hills (not Mickridge Heights) is the top priority for The resistance!

This is the smaller portion of the map. Click to enlarge

Allies and supporters

Users that support The resistance

Groups that support The resistance

Groups that are allied with us

To support us, use the templates Here.



  • The Resistance was established...


  • First Recruit!


  • Wheaton PD under attack. 2 Casualties. Zeds are inside.


  • The resistance is a confirmed group! Check it here.
  • Members of The resistance are discussing about the relocation of the HQ, as it was proofed to be dangerous. Any members of The resistance can join the discussion here


  • The Knights of Saint John subgroup is to be discussed
    • Pictures have arrived here


  • All members are asked to register to the new forums Resistance HQ
    • Resistance has more than 15 members


  • Promotions will start. Register to the forums!
    • We say goodbye to the discussion page. All discussion are to be done at the forums.


  • Beacuse of higher level of Zed infestations, all reruits are asked to stay in Safe Houses; The HQ


  • 28.17 radio station has been take by us!


  • First radio message sent!



Want to Help?

To help The resistance grow, put these freely on your account and group. When putting the ally template, be sure to contact us. Thank you.

SMG.png The Resistance
This group supports The Resistance.
SMG.png The Resistance
This user supports The Resistance.
SMG.png The Resistance
This group is allied with The Resistance.
The Resistance.png The Resistance
You want to help? Need some action? Join The resistance and become a hero!

{{The Resistance}}

What we support and like

Fuckoff1ac3.jpg It's Just a Game, Douche-Bag
This User Is Sick Of The Word "Trenchcoater" and The Attitude That It Represents
{{Anti Elitism}}
Revive.gif Revivification Requests
Undead? Want to breathe again?
Make a Revivification Request!
{{Revivification Requests}}
The Resistance.png The Resistance
You want to help? Need some action? Join The resistance and become a hero!
{{The Resistance}}
World.jpg Malton Wide
This group operates on the whole area of Malton!
BadgeDEM.jpg DEM Ally
The resistance is an ally of the DEM
SSZlogo2.jpg Survivor Security Zone
The resistance helps to protect the Survivor Security Zone.
Book.jpg Skills
It doesnt matter wich zombie skills you have, it is important that you are a Human!
Crash.gif Oh Shit!
This Group doesn't know how to drive a car.
Banana.gif Real Gamer is an Asshole
This user or group believes that Real Gamer is a n00b, a loser, an asshole, as well as a host of unspeakable things.

He deserves to die by being stuffed with bananas in his ass. Or worse...

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